Maui Jim Haleakala Sunglasses Review

Maui Jim Haleakala Sunglasses Review (with On-Water Testing)

I recently tried out the Maui Jim Haleakala fishing sunglasses for 30 days trialing their fish seeing abilities. High-quality fishing sunglasses are crucial for protecting your eyes and enhancing your ability to spot fish in various conditions.

The Haleakala model had me hooked right from the moment I opened the box, with their sleek design and promising features.

Maui Jim Haleakala Sunglasses
Maui Jim Haleakala Sunglasses

First Impression of the Haleakala’s

Upon first impression, I was impressed with the small ear pad and separate nose pads, which I find to be the most comfortable. The design seemed to have many factors that I was looking for in a pair of fishing sunglasses.

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How Well Did the Haleakala’s Work on the Water?

I intentional positioned the sun glare where the fish were at to perform this test. Heck don’t read this check out the pictures for yourself.

No sunglasses (Haleakala test)
No sunglasses (Haleakala test)
Looking at fish with the Maui Jim Haleakala
Looking at fish with the Maui Jim Haleakala sunglasses

WHERE DID THE Maui Jim Haleakala Sunglasses PlaCE IN MY COMPARISON?

Out of all the sunglasses I tested, the Haleakala’s finished in the middle of the pack. They ranked in 4th place out of 17 at the time of my review. A stand out feature of the Haleakala’s is the glass lens and “the fishing seeing ability” They scored with the BEST sunglasses for seeing fish.

These sunglasses excel at being stylish enough to wear everyday and still working pretty darn good at seeing fish. Check prices and availability on Amazon with this link. 👉 Maui Jim Haleakala Sunglasses

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Video Review of the Haleakala’s

Fit and Comfort

The Haleakala are the most comfortable in my comparison
The Haleakala are the most comfortable in my comparison

When it comes to fit and comfort, the Haleakala sunglasses are top-notch. They are, without a doubt, the most comfortable sunglasses I have tested, scoring a 9 out of 10. The separate nose pads provided a perfect fit, and the lightweight design made them ideal for extended fishing trips.

Lens Features

The HCL® Bronze lenses are versatile in changing conditions, making them perfect for fishing. With a polarization rating of 8, the sunglasses effectively cut glare and help spot fish more easily. Additionally, they offer excellent UV protection, scoring an 8 in my tests. The Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 13% is within the ideal range for optimal contrast and visibility in various light conditions.

I wish Maui Jim offered a glass lens in the Haleakala. As I test more sunglasses I can really appreciate the clarity of glass lenses.

Fishy Factor of Maui Jim Haleakala

I describe the fishy factor as a ranking of how well the sunglasses include ALL the design features to make the perfect fishing sunglasses. Things like: wide side shields, durability, effective polarization, glass lenses, a vlt in the 14%-16% area and more.

The fishy factor of the Maui Jim Haleakala is also impressive, with a score of 8. The medium-to-large side shields, great tint, and base-8 curvature that hugs the face all contribute to their effectiveness for fishing.

Frame and Design – Stylish

In terms of frame and design, the Haleakala sunglasses feature plastic frames and a base-8 curvature, providing excellent coverage and peripheral vision. Weighing only 25 grams, they are light enough for all-day wear. However, the absence of spring hinges might be a downside for some.

Stle in the Real World

Both my daughter and I posed for pics wearing the Haleakala’s. I’m a “fat head” wearing a large to XL size hat. She’s a small thing wearing a size small. Check out the pictures.

I'm not a model but the Haleakala's look nice
I’m not a model but the Haleakala’s look nice
My daughter wearing the Haleakala sunglasses
My daughter wearing the Haleakala sunglasses

Included with Maui Jim Haleakala Sunglasses

Included with the sunglasses are a cleaning cloth and a case, although the case may not be sturdy enough to provide ample protection. This was a minor gripe but for the price of these sunglasses a durable case would be nice.

Items included with Maui Jim Haleakala sunglasses
Items included with Maui Jim Haleakala sunglasses

Additional Features of the Maui Jim Haleakala

The MauiPure lens material combines the crisp optics of glass with lightweight, scratch, and shatter resistance. The sunglasses come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for defects.

Performance and User Experience

In my experience, the Maui Jim Haleakala sunglasses performed exceptionally well while fishing, providing excellent glare reduction, comfort, and style. The only downside might be the lack of spring hinges and a more robust case.

Technologies that Set Maui Jim Haleakala Apart

Some unique technologies that set these sunglasses apart include the HCL® Bronze lens and the MauiPure material, offering excellent performance and durability for fishing enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons of Maui Jim Haleakala

Excellent polarization (rated 8)No spring hinges on temple arms
Great UV protection (rated 8)Not optimized for extreme fishing conditions (e.g., no wide side shields)
High comfort (rated 9)Included case lacks strength for impact protection
Stylish designPlastic lenses instead of glass
Medium to large side shieldsWarranty may be confusing for some
Base-8 curvature for reduced glare
Lightweight (25 grams)
2-year manufacturer’s warranty for defects

Price and Value

With a price tag of $249, the Haleakala sunglasses might be considered an investment, but their features and quality make them worth it.


The sunglasses come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for defects.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

At the time of my review, the Maui Jim Haleakala sunglasses had an 8.2-star rating. I doubled the published star rating to add importance to outside opinions.

Last Cast with the Maui Jim Haleakala

After spending some quality time on the water with the Maui Jim Haleakala sunglasses, I can confidently say that they’re a fantastic option for my fellow anglers out there.

The excellent polarization and UV protection, combined with their top-notch comfort and stylish design, make them a solid choice for a range of fishing scenarios. Sure, they may not be the most optimized for extreme conditions, but they get the job done in style.

If you find yourself relating to my experiences and preferences, I’d highly recommend giving the Maui Jim Haleakala sunglasses a try. You can check current prices and read other folks reviews with this shortcut link to Amazon. 👉 Maui Jim Haleakala and who knows – they might just become your new go-to fishing sunglasses.

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