Costa Del Mar Rinconcito Sunglasses Review

Costa Del Mar Rinconcito Sunglasses Review (ON-WATER Testing)

As an old hand at flinging flies, I understand the importance of a good pair of sunglasses. It’s not just about shading your eyes from the sun, but about enhancing your fishing experience. A solid pair of sunglasses, like the Costa Del Mar Rinconcito, can help you spot that elusive catch lurking beneath the water’s surface and protect your eyes in the process.

Styling of the Costa Del Mar Rinconcito Sunglasses
Styling of the Costa Del Mar Rinconcito Sunglasses

First Impression of the Rinconcitos

Right out of the box, the Rinconcitos strike you as a pretty classic pair of sunglasses with a very distinct personality. The padding on the temple arms and small nose pad promise comfort. However, despite their popularity, I felt that they might not be the most optimum for fishing.

How Well Did the Costa Del Mar Rinconcitos’ Work on the Water?

It was a lot of work and a miracle for timing, but I got a sunny day right after some trout were stocked in a local river. I laid +17 pairs of sunglasses out and snapped pictures of fish through all those lenses. But the MOST important factor for fishing sunglasses is – HOW WELL THEY WORK!

Here are the with and without pictures using the Rinconcito’s.

Without Sunglasses (Rinconcito Testing)
Without Sunglasses (Rinconcito Testing)
Seeing Fish with the Rinconcito Sunglasses
Seeing Fish with the Rinconcito Sunglasses


Out of all the sunglasses I tested, the Rinconcitos finished near the top. They ranked #5 place out of 17 at the time of my review. A stand out feature of the Costa Rinconcitos is “the fishing seeing ability” They scored with the BEST sunglasses for seeing fish.

These sunglasses are classic styled pair of sunglasses that do a dang good job of seeing fish. They were near the top, and priced nearly $60 less than the very best sunglasses tested. Check prices and availability on Amazon with this link. 👉 Costa Del Mar Rinconcito

If you’re looking for the BEST, check out my FULL REVIEW link 👉 Looking for the Best Fishing Sunglasses. In the article I detail all the sunglasses tested and provide the nitty gritty details covering 16 factors that I reviewed.

Fit and Comfort

On trying them on, they were quite comfortable. The ear pads and the nose pad delivered on their promise, proving yet again that the old-school sunglass style has timeless appeal. I’d give these a solid 8 on comfort.

Rinconcito sunglasses style and comfort
Rinconcito sunglasses style and comfort

Lens Features

The Rinconcitos boast a bronze tint with a green reflective coating – a blend that serves fishing purposes well by optimizing contrast. The polarization, while slightly on the darker side, was quite effective in cutting down glare. The lenses passed the UV test with flying colors, scoring an 8 out of 10, thus offering excellent protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.

With a VLT (Visible Light Transmission) of 10% as per the manufacturer’s data, these sunglasses block a good amount of light. However, my personal testing yielded a VLT of 13.7%, which fits into my preferred VLT range.

Fishy Factor for the Rinconcito

Weighing all the fish-friendly features – I gave the Rinconcitos a 5 for “Fishy Factor” .  I’m looking for wide side shields, bronze tint, preferred VLT, spring hinges, glass lenses, and scratch resistance films. The small side shields and dark tint reduced the score.

Frame and Design

The plastic frame of the Rinconcitos, made of bio-resin, was surprisingly resilient. The spring hinges enhanced their durability, earning them a 9 out of 10.

With their classic style, the base 6 curvature doesn’t hug the face as much as an 8 base wraparound style. Weighing in at 40g, they are on the heavier side.

Rinconcito Sunglasses Style

Pictures are worth so much better than words when it comes to style. Both my daughter and I posed for pics wearing the Rinconcitos. I’m not all that good looking and a “fat head” wearing a large to XL size hat. She’s a small thing wearing a size small. Check out the pictures.

Me wearing the Rinconcito Sunglasses
Me wearing the Rinconcito Sunglasses
My daughter wearing the Rinconcitos
My daughter wearing the Rinconcitos

Included with Costa Del Mar Rinconcito Sunglasses

The Rinconcitos come with a handy case and cleaning cloth, meeting the minimum requirement in this regard.

Items included with the Rinconcito Sunglasses
Items included with the Rinconcito Sunglasses

Additional Features of the Costa Del Mar Rinconcito

The lens material is Costa Del Mar’s own 580G glass which enhances clarity. The glasses do have spring hinges, adding to the durability. However, the warranty is a tad confusing, and I’m assuming it’s for 30 days.

Performance and User Experience

After 30 days of playing with these they provide comfort and efficient sun protection. However, the slightly darker tint and smaller side shields do compromise the fishing seeing ablity.

For me the Rinconcito sunglasses seemed a little bit dark
For me the Rinconcito sunglasses seemed a little bit dark

Technologies that Set Costa Del Mar Rinconcito Apart

The Rinconcito is a sibling to Costa’s Rincon frame, and brings in elements like West Coast style lines and edgy curved temples. What sets these sunglasses apart is their bio-resin construction, 100% UV Protection lenses, integral spring hinges, and Hydrolite® nose and temple pads.

Pros and Cons of Costa Del Mar Rinconcito

Good polarizationSlightly darker tint
High UV protectionSmall side shields
Comfortable fitHigh Price
DurableSomewhat confusing warranty
Comes with case and cleaning clothA little on the heavy side

Price and Value

At the time of this review, the Rinconcitos are priced at $223, which can vary. Considering the quality, comfort, and overall durability, the price feels justified, even though it might be a bit steep for some.


While Costa Del Mar offers warranty, the terms are somewhat confusing. I’m inclined to believe it’s 30 days, but it’s best to clarify this with the company or retailer.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

On Amazon, the Rinconcitos have a “Weighted” average rating of 9.2. This is quite impressive considering their popularity and aligns with my own positive experiences.

One More Cast with the Rinconcito’s

The Costa Del Mar Rinconcito sunglasses make a reliable companion for an angler, despite a few downsides. They deliver in comfort, durability, UV protection, and polarization, while maintaining a classic style. However, if your priority is optimizing underwater visibility, you might want to consider other options with a lighter tint and larger side shields.

Do I recommend the Costa Rinconcito’s Heck YES! These sunnies are classically styled and see fish. A perfect pair of sunglasses for everyday and occasional fishing. The Costa brand is proven in the on-water environment. Thousands of positive reviews with an outstanding rating. Read Read more and check prices with this shortcut link to Amazon. 👉 Costa Del Mar Rinconcito Sunglasses

Given their price, these sunglasses are a good fit for serious anglers who don’t mind investing in high-quality gear for a better fishing experience. They are suitable for open water scenarios and sunny conditions where UV protection and glare reduction are crucial.

The Rinconcitos serve as a reminder that while every pair of sunglasses has its unique strengths and weaknesses, the right choice always depends on your specific needs and fishing environment.

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