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Tight Lines! David here – the creator of Guide Recommended. If I had to describe why I created Guide Recommended in a single word I would say “OBSESSED”

  • Obsessed to fly fish
  • Obsessed to share
  • Obsessed to learn
  • Obsessed to improve

We’ve all struggled with something while fly fishing. The struggle could be as simple as, “Am I using the right fly?” Or as complex as “should this spey rod have a 480 grain Skagit line or a short head Scandi?”

So when I looked back at when most of my fly fishing struggles were solved and I find a Guide giving me advice. The first thought that comes to mind is fly fishing guide Kevin Morlock with Indigo Guide Service telling me that my 5 weight rod won’t last the day fishing for Coho Salmon.

Or Captain Russ Shirley of Salty Fly Charters demonstrating saltwater casting and putting me on the “30 day casting diet” that included videos from legendary casting instructor Mel Krieger. These videos and practice have improved my casting immensely.

Essence of Flycasting II - Part One

A sophisticated reference for intermediate and advanced flycasters featuring distance casting, the bio mechanics of good form, fly rod action, application of power, and distance roll casting. By Mel Krieger. Copyright Krieger Enterprises.

So Guide Recommended will share the 100’s of years of experience from Fly Fishing Guides – the PROs who making a living by putting fish in the net.

If you have anything you’d like to learn about please don’t hesitate to send me a note.



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