Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses Review

Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses Review (With On-Water Video)

As an ardent fly fisherman (bordering on crazed), I’ve had my fair share of days squinting at the glare on the water, so you can bet I know the importance of a good pair of sunglasses. Let me tell you about the Smith Optics Guides Choice sunglasses.

In my evaluation of over 17 pairs of sunglasses, the Smith Guides Choice are the best for seeing fish. You can read my evaluation, but if you want the best you found them. 😎 Read more and check prices with this shortcut link to Smith Optics πŸ‘‰ Smith Guides Choice

These aren’t just any run-of-the-mill sunglasses; they’re specifically designed for us anglers. Many years ago I bought and reviewed a pair (YouTube Link), I fell in love with them, but just like so many of my cell phones, I dropped them in the drink. 😎

Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses
Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses

First Impression

The first time I opened the box, I thought: “These sure look the part.” They’re comfortable, have a glass lens, a spring hinge, and wide side shields. Plus, I’ll be honest, I’m a sucker for a good-looking pair of sunglasses.

But what really sold me on the Guide’s Choice was the ChromaPop technology. I put them on for a drive, and it felt like I was seeing the world in high-definition. Colors were popping, and I couldn’t wait to try them out on the water.

How Well Did the Guides Choice Work on the Water?

I think the most important part of evaluating sunglasses for fishing is to TEST them on the water. Luckily I live close to a river that gets a stocking of trout to provide the local kids with some fun. I intentional positioned myself in a spot to MAXIMIZE the suns glare.

Heck don’t read this check out the pictures for yourself.

No sunglasses (testing the Smith Guides Choice)
No sunglasses (testing the Smith Guides Choice)
Looking at fish with the Smith Guides Choice
Looking at fish with the Smith Guides Choice


I’ve had years of experience with the Guides Choice, and confidently say that they are the best. At the time of my review, they impressively snagged the top spot among 17 contenders. I believe the tint and ChromaPop tech is provide the perfect combination to cut glare and still see the contrast. To raise the bar even a bit further the glass lenses and wide side shields add clarity.

If your search for the best sunglasses for fishing brought you hear, I’m absolutely positive you’ll be happy with the Smith Guides Choice. When it was time to replace the sunglasses I loss the first pair I bought were these. Read more and check prices with this link to Smith. πŸ‘‰ Smith Guides Choice or if you shop on Amazon here’s a shortcut link πŸ‘‰ Amazon Smith Guides Choice

If you’re looking for the BEST, check out my FULL REVIEW link πŸ‘‰ Looking for the Best Fishing Sunglasses. In the article I detail all the sunglasses tested and provide the nitty gritty details covering 16 factors that I reviewed.

Video Review of the Smith Guides Choice

Fit and Comfort

On the comfort side of things, these glasses are top-notch. They’ve got padding on the ears and nose, and the slightly curved temple arms hold them snug without making it a task to pull them off when needed.

The padded nose and ear along with the spring hinge add to the comfort
The padded nose and ear along with the spring hinge add to the comfort

The wide design provides a slight gap between the frame and your face. This adds to the comfort and provides ventilation to reduce fogging.

Lens Features – The Guides Choice Shine

Let’s talk about the lens. The bronze tint is perfect for fishing. The polarization is one of the best I’ve seen, scoring an 8 out of 10. It cuts down the glare, and combined with the ChromaPop, it makes spotting fish much easier.

As for UV protection, it’s a solid 8. These glasses passed my non-scientific tests with flying colors. And the Visible Light Transmission (VLT) scored a 14%, it’s right in that sweet spot that allows just enough light through to see the contrast.

If you’re interested in the the nitty gritty scores, check out my evaluation article πŸ‘‰ The Best Fishing Sunglasses

Fishy Factor – All Things Fishy in a Single Pair of Sunglasses

Now, for the “fishy factor”. In my comparison of more than 17 different pairs of sunglasses, these got an 8. This is the highest ranking I gave for all the sunglasses.

They have almost all the features an angler could ask for: wide side shields to block peripheral glare, glass lenses for better clarity, spring hinges for durability, and that sweet-spot VLT rating.

Frame and Design

The frame is made of flexible plastic, which adds to the durability. These sunglasses have a base-8 curvature, hugging the face nicely and blocking out any unwanted light.

Weighing in at just 30g, they’re light enough to wear all day without discomfort.

Style in the Real World

Both my daughter and I posed for pics wearing the Guides Choice. I’m a “fat head” wearing a large to XL size hat. She’s a small thing wearing a size small. Check out the pictures, below I think you’ll agree these are a pretty good looking pair of sunglasses.

I'm not a model but the Smith Guides Choice pretty me up πŸ˜ƒ
I’m not a model but the Smith Guides Choice pretty me up πŸ˜ƒ
My daughter wearing the Smith Guides Choice
My daughter wearing the Smith Guides Choice

Included with Smith Optics Guides Choice Sunglasses

In the box, you’ll find all the essentials: a case, cleaning cloth/bag, and a lanyard. Plus, there’s a Smith sticker to sweeten the deal.

Me chasing redfish in Louisiana with the Guides Choice
Me chasing redfish in Louisiana with the Guides Choice

Additional Features of the Smith Optics Guides Choice

The spring hinges on the temple arms are a big plus, enhancing durability and ensuring a snug fit. The glass lenses offer superior clarity compared to plastic ones, and they have scratch-resistant coatings, adding to their lifespan.

And the warranty? They offer a standard lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.

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Performance and User Experience

In terms of performance, the Guides Choice sunglasses have been exceptional. The glare reduction and color enhancement have made spotting fish easier than ever. The only real downside is the price – but in my opinion, it’s an investment worth making for any serious angler.

Technologies that Set Smith Optics Guides Choice Apart

How well the Guides Choice cut the glare and see fish-Truly amazing
How well the Guides Choice cut the glare and see fish-Truly amazing

The ChromaPop+ lenses are the game-changer here. They’re polarized to cut glare, enhance contrast, and make colors pop, while being resistant to smudges and scratches. Add to that an anti-reflective coating to improve clarity and reduce eye strain, and you’ve got some of the best lenses on the market.

Pros and Cons of Smith Optics Guides Choice

Excellent polarization and color enhancementSlightly pricey
Comfortable fit with padding on ears and nose
Durable, with spring hinges and glass lenses
Comprehensive UV protection
Wide side shields for peripheral glare reduction
Lightweight for long-wear comfort
Comes with a case, cleaning cloth, protective bag, and lanyard

Price and Value

The Smith Optics Guides Choice sunglasses retail at around $279. Yes, it’s a bit of an investment, but considering the superior polarization, comfort, durability, and the additional features, I’d say it’s worth every penny.

Like I said earlier, I didn’t hesitate to buy another pair when I lost my first pair.


The sunglasses come with a standard lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects, which is a nice safety net to have.

Customer Reviews and Ratings of the Guides’

I’m not the only one who’s impressed with these sunglasses. They have an average star rating of 4.1, which is pretty solid. Most of the reviews praise their comfort, the excellent lens technology, and the robust build quality.

In my scoring I double what others are saying about the sunglasses. This adds “weight” to the opinion of others.

Some Alternate Fishing Sunglasses

If the ChromaPop technology intrigues you, but the price of the guides choice puts you off, I suggest looking at the Smith Outback’s, they tested very good. I’ve got a review HERE or you can check them out on Amazon with this link πŸ‘‰ Smith Outback

Last Cast with the Guides Choice

I can’t recommend the Smith Optics Guides Choice sunglasses enough. If you’re an angler looking for a pair of sunglasses that perform as well as they look, you can’t go wrong with these. They’ve certainly upped my fishing game, and I’m sure they’d do the same for you. So, if they fit your budget, I’d say go for it. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

If you find yourself relating to my experiences and preferences, I’d highly recommend giving the Smith Guides Choice sunglasses a try. You can check current prices and read other folks reviews with this shortcut link to Amazon. πŸ‘‰ Smith Guides Choice and who knows – they might just become your new go-to fishing sunglasses.

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