Fly Tying Techniques

Fly Tying Techniques

Starting Out – Techniques for Tying Flies Placing the hook in the vise. Clamp onto the hook bend, avoid clamping by the barb and keep the hook level. Threading a Bobbin Snip the thread off flush, start in the bobbin and draw the thread through by sucking on tube. Wrapping thread on a Hook ALWAYS

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Fur and Hair for Fly Tying

Fly Tying Materials

Materials for Tying Flies I intentionally use the word materials.  Nearly anything can be used for tying flies.  Heck one of my favorite “finds” for fly tying is the shiny tassels that fall off bike handle bar grips. You can break the materials down into some categories, I’ll touch on the major ones, but the

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half hitch and whip finish pic

Knots for Fly Tying

Half Hitch The half hitch is a simple fast knot that is wrapped over itself.  It doesn’t tighten well but is easy and moderately strong when head cement is used. Whip Finish Tool Is a knot that can be tightened and is stronger than a half hitch.  The neat thing about a whip finish knot

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Fly Tying Tools in the Hareline Economy Kit

Fly Tying Tools

This is a list of the essential tools for tying flies.  You can get many more gadgets.  I recommend a couple of items as you proceed through the course. Video Review of the Basic Tools Fly Tying Vise The vise holds the hook allowing you to tie all kinds of fun stuff on it.  Less

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