Fly Tying Techniques

Fly Tying Techniques

Starting Out – Techniques for Tying Flies

Placing the hook in the vise.

Clamp onto the hook bend, avoid clamping by the barb and keep the hook level.

Threading a Bobbin

Snip the thread off flush, start in the bobbin and draw the thread through by sucking on tube.

Wrapping thread on a Hook

ALWAYS toward you under the hook and away from you above the hook.

Starting the thread on the hook

Start wrapping forward (toward eye) 3-4 eyes back from the hook eye.  Stop 1-2 eyes back from the eye.  Some bare hook should shine through behind the eye.  Then wrap back over the thread toward the bend.

Cutting thread and other stuff

Try to get in the habit of cutting above the hook with materials hanging below.  You’ll reduce accidentally snipping your thread

Cut wires, lead and other hard stuff with old general-purpose scissors.

Adding materials to hook

Pinch – hold material above the hook pinching the hook shack and material.  Loose wrap thread around material and PINCH thread along with materials and hook.  Draw thread up to attach.

Hang Bobbin – with bobbin hanging wrap material around thread and lift up to top of hook.  Capturing material under thread.

Dubbing – use the smallest pinch of material you can.  Moisten fingers and twist and pinch material on thread.  Sometimes applying wax to thread helps.

Hair Stacking

Cut a small amount of hair from hide.  Half a pencil diameter is usually enough.  Pull fuzz and fine under hair from base of hair.  Place tip first into the stacker and tap on table.  In a HORIZONTAL position remove stacker bas and grab hairs.

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