Fly Fishing on the Green River WY

Where to Fly Fish on the Green River Wyoming (Maps, Flies and Technique)

Fly fishing in the rivers near Jackson Hole is some of the best in the country. Whenever I visit, I always try to make a trip to the Green River for one of my first stops. The sheer beauty you experience while fishing is enough to keep you coming back. Pair this with the high populations of brown and rainbow trout and you’re getting a true western United States fly fishing experience.

The Green River flows for over 700 miles through Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. Most of this river flows through mountainous regions in these three states! Many people choose to float this river when they have a chance, but wade fishing is exceptional when the flows are right.

Warren Bridge- Great Spot to Begin a Float Trip

Map to Warren River Bridge for fishing and camping
Map to Warren River Bridge for fishing and camping – image Google Maps – link

About 60 miles south of Jackson you’ll find Warren Bridge. Warren Bridge is a great place to begin your float trip. As you head downstream, you’ll find a decent amount of private water with limited public access. Remember, landowners in Wyoming can own everything except the water, so make sure you fish from your boat and don’t get out on the land. These landowners are extremely protective of the Green River.

As you float, you’ll find a nice mix of riffles, cut banks, and even some pools. You’re going to be successful with flies and streamers throughout these sections of the water. If the water is high, stick to streamers along the banks, but as soon as you start seeing the fish rise, you know it’s time to get going with the dry flies! The rainbow trout and brown trout can’t get enough of the topwater action. 

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Fish Hatchery- Easy Wading

Map to Daniel Access north of hatchery
Map to Daniel Access north of hatchery – image Google Maps – link

Downstream from Warren Bridge, you’ll find a fish hatchery along Pape Road. If you want a glimpse into the Green River as a fishery, you can visit here and learn some fascinating information. Once here, you’ll find access to both Forty Rod Creek and the Green River. Fishing in these areas is usually quite productive due to the food that creeks bring into the rivers. You’ll often find fish stacked up near these waiting for something to eat. Just north of the Hatchery is a great access point.

You can wade here, but make sure you’re paying close attention to the private property signs! It’s a beautiful part of the Green River. Fishing is productive and you won’t find as many people fishing here as you would near the Warren River bridge.

Below Green Lake- Great for Lake and River Fishing

Map to Green Lake and Green River headwaters
Map to Green Lake and Green River headwaters – image Google Maps – link

If you’re willing and want to drive a bit further up into the mountains, you’ll find the Green Lake Campground. Below Green Lake, you’ll find a wider portion of the river. It fishes well almost all year round. The biggest obstacle you may run into is the drive into the Green Lake Campground. The road is all gravel and fairly rough, but easily doable in a 2wd if you’re willing to take it slow. If you’re willing to put in the effort to get here, you’ll be rewarded with exceptional views and fishing!

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Why the Green River is Perfect for Fly Fishing?

The Green River is perfect for fly fishing due to the proximity to Jackson, nice floating opportunities, and a decent amount of public access. It’s not as open to public access as other rivers in Wyoming, but that’s to be expected in this area! If you’re willing to drive around and fish different pull-offs, you’ll be rewarded with nice size rainbow and brown trout.

Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing
Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing

What Stream Flow is Best for Fishing the Green River

The Green River is unique in the fact that even if the river is high, it has the opportunity to widen out and still stay fishable. The water doesn’t get too muddy. If you’re able to fish anywhere from 700-1400 CFS you’ll be able to wade and access most areas that hold fish. You’ll find that these flows are great for floating as well!

Green River Stream Flow at Warren Bridge
Green River Stream Flow at Warren Bridge – USGS – link

What Kind of Fish Can You Catch on the Green River?

The Wyoming portion of the Green River is primarily filled with rainbow trout and brown trout. Brown trout are the primary fish and it’s not uncommon for anglers to find them over 20 inches! The Wyoming Game and Fish Department stocks the area near Warren Bridge with around 12,500 rainbow trout annually. The brown trout population is naturally producing, so there isn’t as much of a need to stock them!

Favorite Flies for the Green River

Pale Morning Dun- Size 18

Pale Morning Dun Fly Pattern
Pale Morning Dun

PMD’s are always successful when the weather warms on the Green River. If you see a rise, cast this fly near it and see what happens. Remember your light tippet!

Pheasant Tail- Size 16

Pheasant Tail Nymph
Pheasant Tail Nymph

If the fish are still feeding below the surface, don’t fret. Throw on a pheasant tail nymph and let it drift through the seams and riffles. It won’t take long for you to get a fish to strike.

Woolly Buggers- Size 8

Woolly Bugger
Woolly Bugger

A size 8 bugger is always a safe play. Stick with the green or black colors and see what you can find. Throw these in deep water and swing or dead drift them through the more fishable areas. You’ll be pleased with what you can find with them.

Hatch Chart for the Green River

Fly NameSizeStart DateEnd Date
 Trico 20-24 June 26 August 31
 PMD 16-18 June 26 July 31
 Tiny BWO 20-24 August 1 October 10
 Caddis 14 July 1 August 31
 Cicada 10 August 1 September 31
 Stoneflies 10-12 June 1 July 31
 Baetis 18 September 1 October 31
 Crane Flies 12 August 1 September 31
 Midges 18 January 1 December 31
 Scuds 14 January 1 December 31
 Terrestrial 10 July 15 September 15

Fly Rod and Reel Setup for the Green River

Use a 9’ 5-weight rod when fly fishing the Green River. You aren’t going to need anything too heavy, but when the river is wide, you’ll want the chance to make longer casts and fight some of those 20-inch fish that you might find!

Orvis Clearwater 5 wt 9 foot Combo
Orvis Clearwater 5 wt-9 foot Combo

The Perfect Fly Rod Combo for Wyoming

Orvis originated in the fly fishing business. The Orvis Clearwater Combo is perfectly balanced and comes with everything except flies. It’s so easy to cobble together an outfit that just doesn’t cast right. No worries with that using the Clearwater Fly Rod Combo.

Guides and Fly Shops

  • Two Rivers Fishing Co- Two Rivers Fishing Co. is located in Pinedale, WY and they’ll have everything you need for a day on the Green River. Flies, gear, and advice are all available as soon as you walk through those doors.
  • Wyoming Fishing Company– Located in Daniel, the Wyoming Fishing Company guides are veterans of the Green River. If you need information, they’ll help.

Last Cast for the Green River

The Green River is an amazing river for fly fishing. It has all of the challenges and charm that a quality western river needs. You can’t go wrong any time you visit. Be prepared with the proper flies and access points and you’ll have a wonderful experience.

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