Redington Crosswater Fly Fishing Reel Casting

The Redington Crosswater Reel Review and Experiences

The Redington Crosswater reel series is an exceptional bargain-priced and lightweight fly reel. Redington is one of the industry’s top brands that has manufactured some of the best reels for beginners and experienced anglers. Their combo is the best option for beginners that helps them stand out and catch lots of fish while making their lives easier.

The Crosswater reel is constructed of a lightweight reinforced composite material. The disc drag is smooth with very little start-up inertia which protects fine tippets during an aggressive run.  With a budget friendly price, a wide range of sizes the Redington Crosswater is the perfect option for the new fly fisher for pursuing everything from bass to trout and panfish.

Redington Crosswater Reel Overview

The Crosswater reel is a reliable fishing gear produced under the Redington brand owned by Far Bank. This brand by Redington reels promises to help you perfect your fly casting skills while supporting your fly and backing lines. This reel can help you fight a trophy catch in saltwater and freshwater; therefore, you don’t have to replace your reel when moving from saltwater to a freshwater lake.

Far Bank is known for producing some of the best fishing gear in the market; it has purchased some of the best brands, including Rio, Sage, and Fly Water. I used the Redington fly fishing combo to perfect my casting skills as a newbie.

Guide Recommendation: The Crosswater is the perfect reel for the beginner and a great “back-up” reel for an experienced fly fisher. (the light weight makes it easy to carry) You can get the Crosswater at most fly shops carrying Sage and Rio fly fishing products or at Amazon. Here’s a shortcut link to check prices 👉 Redington Crosswater Fly Reel

How Does Redington Crosswater Reel Compare To Others

Many fly reels in the market vary in price and durability; unfortunately, very few budget brands can match Redington Crosswater in functionality and durability. Despite its price, this brand is made using high-quality materials and can endure saltwater and freshwater without getting damaged. (source)

Like other brands, including Ross Revolution gear, the Redington Crosswater reel is a lightweight option that can help you perfect your skills. The Crosswater reel does more than your fly line than other budget options. It has a reliable disc drag system that can help you fight a vast trophy catch without getting damaged.

Therefore, if you plan on saving some cash but still need a reliable reel, you should go for Redington Crosswater fishing gear. (source)

how to catch brook trout
how to catch brook trout

Why Does the Redington Crosswater Reel Stand Out?

With Far Trade enterprise’s products, functionality meets budget, and the Redington Crosswater is no exception. This product can help anyone who has just gotten to fly fishing perfect their skills. This multipurpose reel guarantees both function and style in saltwater and freshwater fishing, which is ideal for me since I’m always looking for an exotic fly fishing destination to visit every year.

Another feature that helps it stand out is its reliable drag system which has helped me hundreds of times. Its smooth disc-drag system guarantees you exceptional fish-stopping performance and enough power for dealing with trophy catches.

Guide Pro Tip: Do you reel with your right hand or left? The Crosswater Fly Reel is reversible, but knowing how to reverse the reel can be tricky. Let let show you how in this article. Are Fly Fishing Reels Reversible? with Video

Who Makes the Redington Crosswater Reel?

Currently, the brand Redington, the leading producer of Crosswater reel, is owned by Far Bank Enterprises. Far Bank owns more than two key fly fishing brands that have produced some of the world’s best fishing gear with your budget in mind. (source) Far bank is owned by Joshua Green Corporation, based in Seattle.

Since 2003, Redington, based in Bainbridge Island, has produced some of the best budget fly fishing gear. Deemed one of the leading fly fishing brands for value-driven performance fishing gear that sells a wide range of outdoor and specialty fishing gear.

Product Benefit

  • Affordable
  • It comes with a sealed disc drag system
  • Its clicker mechanism is quiet
  • User friendly
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • It can be used for both saltwater and freshwater fishing

Product Cons

  • Since it is produced using plastic, it’s not durable

Things To Consider About the Redington Crosswater Reel

Fly fishing gear can be pretty costly, especially for beginners; the high-end reels can go for over $500. Therefore, if you love fly fishing and work with a tight budget, you shouldn’t just pick any reel designed to hold your fly line.

After all, some budget options can still function as high-end ones, but you will have to sacrifice quality.

Who Needs the Redington Crosswater Reel?

The Redington Crosswater reel is ideal for anyone who wants to try fly fishing but isn’t ready to break the bank to get high-end gear. It’s the best option for beginners who want to try fly fishing but are unsure if they will love it. So instead of spending a lot of cash on high-end gear, you can invest in affordable options.

Things To Consider When Purchasing a Reel

Fly Fishing Reels
Fly Fishing Reels

The Redington Crosswater is an excellent reel for anyone working with a tight budget or a beginner. But it’s not ideal for experts who have been fly fishing for years; after all, experienced anglers need reliable high-end gear that can never fail them when reeling in a trophy catch. So here are a few things to consider when looking for a fly reel:

Fast delivery, great return policy, competitively priced, with great reviews. The Crosswater Reel is perfect for the aspiring fly fisher. Check current prices and reviews on Amazon with this shortcut link -> Redington Crosswater Fly Reel

  • Capacity: most anglers believe you need a specific size reel for a certain length or weight fly rod, which is not always the case. Instead, it would be best if you thought of the reel’s capacity instead of the size of the matching reel. Capacity refers to the amount of fly line and backing line a reel can support.
  • Price points: the cost of fly reel mattes, especially when working with a tight budget. Fortunately, plastic reels go for as low as $45 while others exceed $400. The high-end reels can serve you for a long time, while the plastic ones can crack while fighting a powerful and aggressive fish.
  • Non-sealed or sealed drag: are you planning on doing some saltwater fishing? It would be best to look for a reel with a sealed drag system. A closed option can prevent some unwanted dirt or salt water from getting into the drag system. But if you’re trying freshwater fishing, you need either a non-sealed or sealed drag system.
  • Material: the durability of a reel is determined by the material used to make it; therefore, if you plan on using your reel more often and for a very long time, you should stay away from the plastic ones and look for a machined-aluminum reel. (source)
  • The species you’re fishing: a wide range of fish species in the world’s waters vary in size, with more extensive saltwater options. Therefore, if you’re planning on saltwater fishing, you should come with a big reel with a considerable capacity. After all, saltwater fish are enormous and very aggressive, so they can give you a run for your money.
  • Will you use multiple fly lines? A considerable percentage of the modern fly anglers carry several fly lines for a wide range of fishing conditions, so you need a multi-cassette spool system that carries different density lines. Therefore, you should look for a reel that’s easy to replace the fly lines and use. (source)
  • The arbor size: the size of the arbor refers to the reel design and size. Some anglers prefer a reel with a large arbor reel, while others prefer a smaller one, depending on your preference.

Guide Pro Tip: Learning how to set the drag on a fly reel is a little tricky. Almost everyone sets the drag to hard. Let’s learn how to set it correctly in this article. How to Does the Drag on a Fly Reel Work and How to Set It

Product Features and Benefits

You might have heard that the Redington Crosswater reel is the most affordable and reliable. Well, it’s true; Crosswater reels offer unparalleled performance at an affordable price. This reel comes with a composite frame, disc drag, and user-friendly ergonomics, making it the best option for anyone getting into this sport or needing a backup fly reel. So here are some of its key features:

The Disc Drag System

The Redington Crosswater Reel comes with a reliable sealed disc drag system within its hub. This reel’s sealed disc drag system helps keep the water and dirt out, ensuring that it will serve you for a very long time. Therefore, you’ll never have to worry about maintenance. This system allows folks to quickly apply some drag using their fingers or palms as they provide more drag while reeling the fish in.

Therefore, you’ll never have to worry about any complex mechanism getting damaged. Its clicker mechanism works perfectly, which can be great or bad, depending on your hearing level.

But its spool is not big enough to hold the line when saltwater fishing; therefore, you should look for a reel with the biggest line capacity when going to the sea. The clicker may be the oldest system in the industry, but it’s still being used to date and is quite effective.

Lightweight Material

Like most budget reels, the Redington Crosswater reel is made using some lightweight but durable material. Therefore, this reel can be a bit problematic for durability, but the issue is not with the fish breaking it. The problem is with anglers manhandling the reel on the retrieve and breaking a reel part.

Some anglers have complained that the handles of these reels have broken off their spool, which is expected to some extent. And that is because the handle and spool consist of plastic. Therefore, this reel is not ideal for folks known for abusing their reels. But if you are known for having a lighter touch when reeling your catch in, this is the best option.

Guide Pro Tip: Wondering what size reel you should be getting? Let me help with this article. How to Select the Right Size Fly Fishing Reel

Composite Finish

The Redington Crosswater reels are built using a plastic mold like the aluminum cast. The plastic mold gives this reel an incredible finish that makes it stand out. The reel’s construction and composite finish are the main factors contributing to its affordability.

The plastic mold plays a vital role in the reel’s overall weight, which is why this unit is lightweight. Its overall design and material guarantee that your reel will be light, and you’ll never have to worry about fatigue.

Large Arbor Design

Like all the other Redington reels, this unit comes with a considerable arbor design for quick and easy retrieval, making fishing fun. With its huge arbor design, you can quickly reel in your catch after it has bitten your bait without worrying about the line or spool handle breaking. You can easily convert it between right-hand and left-hand retrieve, making it ideal for everyone.

Different Size Fly Reel Arbors

The huge arbor increases your fly line pickup rate while helping you fight a wide range of fish species. The design of its huge arbor can easily hold the fly and the backing line; in fact, it can easily accommodate more than enough backing lines for any scenario. Thanks to its effective arbor design, you will never have to worry about where the fly line lands when reeling in the fish.

Guide Pro Tip: Wondering about the Pros and Cons of large arbor reels? Check out this article 👉 What is a Large Arbor Reel? Let’s Find Out

The Redington Crosswater Reel Performance

Fly fishing is an art that I learned at a very young age, thanks to my granddad; therefore, when my younger brother wanted to try this sport, I was overjoyed. And being his first time, I avoided getting a costly reel, so I researched online and discovered that some budget reels like the Redington Crosswater reel could do more than holding the line.

In fact, despite being made using hard plastic, most users claim that it’s pretty durable, so you’ll never have to worry about it breaking. It is one of the most highly recommended budget reels in the market; its exceptional quality for a budget reel is a bonus. Most folks who claim it’s a decent reel work great and are highly loved.

My Experience with the Redington Crosswater Reel

Before giving the new Redington Crosswater Reel to my younger brother, I decided first to test its capabilities in the water. To my surprise, this lightweight reel held its own against some large trout and bass. Its retrieving system was efficient, plus the clicker worked wonders; however, it requires a lot of focus to hear it.

This reel supports a longer line for saltwater fishing, but I had to be careful when reeling in some of my catches. The first thing I noticed when handling this reel is that if you’re not careful, you may break the spool’s handle while reeling it in. So you should never worry about the fish breaking your reel’s system.

Another essential thing that stood out for me was that it is a lightweight reel. Most plastic reels are light, but very few are lightweight, practical, and can do more than hold your fly line.

Alternative Budget Reels to Consider

Even though this unit is quite adequate, there are some alternatives you can try, especially if you’re tackling a specific fish species or certain fishing conditions. Some of the best options include:

Redington Behemoth Reels

Even though the same manufacturer produces them, these reels are designed for a specific function. For example, the Crosswater can be used in saltwater and freshwater, while the Behemoth is specifically designed for saltwater fishing. Therefore, if you’re looking for an affordable and high-value reel for saltwater fishing, you should try the Behemoth reel.

It is made from aluminum cast means that it will serve you for a longer time than the Crosswater. But it’s a bit heavier than the Crosswater reel; plus, it is way more costly. Here are the comparisons:

  • Behemoth reel is way more expensive than the Crosswater reel
  • Behemoth is heavier than Crosswater reel
  • Behemoth has a more powerful drag than the Crosswater reel (source)

Maximumcatch Maxcatch Eco Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reel

If you’re working with an even tighter budget and need a durable reel, you should go for the Maxcatch reel. Its frame is made using a die-cast method before being polished. It’s usually finished in rainbow, black or silver finish.

This reel is the best option for beginners and folks who are just trying fly fishing. Some of the comparisons between the Maxcatch and Redington Crosswater include:

  • Maxcatch reel is way cheaper than the Crosswater reel.
  • Maxcatch reel is made from aluminum; therefore, you should avoid the Crosswater and go for this option if you’re a rough angler. (source)

Sage Spectrum C Reel

Another reliable option from Far Bank that you can try is the Sage spectrum, but it’s a bit costly. If your goal is to get a budget option that can serve you for years, this Sage reel might be the best option. It comes with a sealed carbon disc drag designed to last for several years.

Looking for the perfect fly rod combo?

The Sage Foundation Fly Rod Combo comes with everything minus flies. The rod in made in the U.S.A. and comes with the typically lifetime warranty. Even better – when your buddies see you casting a Sage you’ll get the jealousy looks.

Its unique drag system can handle high pressure while dissipating the kinetic energy produced by the fish to thermal energy.

  • The Spectrum C is more expensive than the Crosswater reel.
  • The Spectrum C lasts for a year, so you will never have to worry about it breaking down when manhandled. After all, it’s made using aluminum, while the Crosswater features some plastic materials. (source)

The Last Cast With the Crosswater

The Redington Crosswater reel is an excellent budget reel that can help you horn your skills without breaking the bank. But don’t let the price discourage you; this reel can hold its own against some high-end options, especially when reeling in a huge catch. Even though it’s made from plastic, you shouldn’t have to worry about the fish breaking it.

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