Net Release for Fly Fishing

What is the Best Way to Carry A Fly Fishing Net?

You never realize how useful a landing net is until you’re stuck without one. That’s why in this post, we share a few tips on the best way to carry a fly fishing net so you’ll have it within arm’s reach when it counts!

Use a Magnetic Net Holder

How to carry a fly fishing net

If you wear a fly fishing vest or sling pack to stow your gear, a magnetic net holder is often the most seamless solution.

Here’s how it works:

One side of the magnet is attached to your vest or sling bag that’s what the little D-ring on the back of a fly fishing vest is for. The other side of the magnet is attached to your net, either on the handle or hoop. A bungee lanyard connects the two magnets to keep your net from floating downstream if dropped accidentally.

Guide Tip: Test your net release before heading out to the water. I had a magnetic release that was so strong it tore the loop off my fishing vest.

This system allows you to give the net a quick tug to pull it free and land your fish. When you’re done, simply move the net to your back to let the magnets snap back together.

Magnetic Net releases are super common and a generic brand like what you would get from Amazon is going to work fine. Just look for the best priced with a high rating. I’ve created a shortcut link over to Amazon with the high rated models. 👉 High Rated Magnetic Net Releases

Use a Holster-Style Net Holder

The most common complaint anglers have about magnetic net holders is that the net swings on your back and can get pulled off unexpectedly when moving through trees and brush. If you don’t want to deal with that hassle, a holster-style net holder might be a better fit.

Currently, there are only two manufacturers producing landing net holsters Smith Creek and Rising.

The Smith Creek Net Holster is the first of its kind and has a well-thought-out design that would be hard to improve upon. It slides onto your wading belt with a high-quality anodized aluminum buckle, and an adjustable strap made of thick nylon holds your net securely by the handle just like a pistol holster or sword sheath.

The Rising Brookie Net Holster functions much the same but is made of Cordura fabric, which doesn’t feel as robust as the Smith Creek Net Holster.

Think Twice Before Jamming Your Net into Your Wading Belt

While the net-in-wader-belt trick works in a pinch, it’s far from a perfect solution. Not only will your net be difficult to access, your wading belt must be kept loose thereby compromising its safety function. What’s more, the net handle could wear a hole in your waders… Is an expensive wader repair or replacement worth it?

Our advice is to go with a dedicated fly fishing net holder to keep your net secure when you aren’t using it and within easy reach when it’s time to land those lunkers!

Think About Sling Packs and Hip Packs With Net Holders

Creating a fly fishing system that best works for you is part of the fun of our passion. In recent years I’ve used a sling pack during my trips. The Fishpond Summit has been awesome for this. My favorite net has a longer handle which works perfectly with the Summit bag.

I’ve noticed many hip/butt packs integrate a net holder as well. I like this idea, as my only complaint about the sling pack option is it sticks up in the air above my head. (catches on branches sometimes)

FAQs about net Releases

Why should I use a magnetic net release?

A magnetic net release is beneficial because it provides quick and easy access to your net, which is especially useful when you’re trying to land a fish single-handedly. It also helps to prevent loss or damage to your net by keeping it securely attached to you or your boat until it’s needed.

Are magnetic net releases strong enough to hold heavy fishing nets?

Yes, most magnetic net releases are designed with strong magnets that are capable of holding heavy fishing nets. However, the strength of the magnet and the weight it can support can vary between different models, so it’s important to choose a magnetic net release that’s appropriate for the size and weight of your net.

Can a magnetic net release be used in saltwater environments?

Many magnetic net releases are designed to be corrosion-resistant and can be used in saltwater environments. However, it’s important to check the product specifications to ensure that the materials used are suitable for saltwater use and to perform regular maintenance to prevent corrosion over time.

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