Where to Fly Fish on the Guadalupe River Texas

Where to Fly Fish on the Guadalupe River Texas (Maps, Gear and More)

For me, finding unique rivers to fly fish is something I love doing. Whether they have a special fish or are in an unexpected area, I’ll make every effort I can to experience them. One of those bodies of water is the Guadalupe River in Texas.

The Guadalupe River is the southernmost trout stream in the United States. It’s special in a variety of ways. It’s both a warm water river and a tailwater, so year-round fishing is possible! Fly fishing the Guadalupe River is something every diehard fly angler should experience.

Now, the Guadalupe River is over 200 miles long with plenty of good areas to fish, but here are four of my favorites. Be sure to put these at the top of your list.

1. Kerr Wildlife Management Area

Kerr Wildlife Area for Fly Fishing
Kerr Wildlife Area for Fly Fishing – image Google – link

If you’re hoping to fish above the Canyon Lake Dam, then make sure to visit the Kerr Wildlife Management area. This is going to be more of a warm water fishery, so you’ll have your chance at bass, sunfish and perch.

Across from the wildlife management check-in area you’ll find parking and great access to the river. You’ll be able to wade for several hundred yards up and downstream without finding water that’s overly deep.

Fish streamers and poppers throughout this section of water! Smaller baitfish streamers like a Woolly Bugger would work great. You can even throw a dragonfly pattern on and catch plenty of fish.

Most water on the North Guadalupe is private, so this access point is about as good as you’re going to get. Stay alert if you’re traveling too far up or down river. You’ll notice no trespassing signs and be sure to follow what they say! Texas landowners are particular with who can access their land.

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2. Guadalupe River State Park

Guadalupe River State Park
Guadalupe River State Park – image Google Map – link

Another warm water option for anglers above the dam is Guadalupe River State Park. The state park provides anglers with about four miles of accessible water. You can wade, bank fish or even float this water depending on your preference. It’s one of the longest, uninterrupted portions of the Guadalupe River.

Fish your fair share baitfish streamers through the state park and you’ll have a great chance at some bass.

At times, it’s nice to fish a few miles of water without having to worry about private land ownership. Fly fishing in Guadalupe River State Park provides you with this opportunity. Plus, you’re able to camp, hike and experience the outdoors all while you’re making your visit.

3. River Trail Guadalupe River Park

Guadalupe River Trail for fly fishing
Guadalupe River Trail for fly fishing – image Google Maps – link

The River Trail in Guadalupe River Park is right below the dam. The water pouring out of the dam is going to be the coldest. The Texas Fish and Wildlife Department stocks this water every single year. You’re able to find rainbow trout upwards of double digits in these waters! There are beautiful fish here and the river trail gives you great access to these chilly waters. Floating or wade fishing is entirely up to you!

Pheasant Tail Nymphs, Woolly Buggers, Micro Eggs and San Juan worms are great flies to use throughout this section.

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4. Huaco Hot Springs

Huaco Hot Springs for Fly Fishing
Huaco Hot Springs for Fly Fishing image Google Maps – link

Huaco Hot Springs is another access point below Canyon Lake. A few miles further down from the river trail, you’ll find the campground and access to Huaco Hot Springs.

If you’re hoping to camp and fish, then this is a great place for you. You can fish along the shore or float through this portion of the tailwater!

This portion of the river has quite a few riffles, so fish Pheasant Tails, Caddis nymphs and small Buggers.

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Why the Guadalupe River is Perfect for Fly Fishing

Not only does the state regularly stock the Guadalupe River, but it also works extremely hard to keep the fish population healthy. Throughout the winter months, the tailwater will stay well-below 70 degrees, so you can target trout without having to worry about doing too much harm. 

Plus, you have the choice to fish a warm watery river or a cold-water river depending on your preference. Drive around the lake and you have your choice. Finding a productive tailwater is not easy to do in the Southern United States, but the Guadalupe River absolutely accomplishes that.

The quality fishing is exciting, but so is the beautiful Texas Hill Country Landscape. This wild area has dozens of campgrounds and family friendly activities as well. There’s no boredom to be had on the Guadalupe.

What Kind of Fish Can You Catch on the Guadalupe River?

The fish populations in the Guadalupe River can be broken up into two categories: warm water fish and cold-water fish.

Guadalupe River Trout Fly Fishing
Guadalupe River Trout Fly Fishing

The warm water fish you can find are Guadalupe Bass, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Sunfish and Rio Grande Perch. There are healthy populations of all of these fish that are naturally reproductive. You’ll find these in great numbers above Canyon Lake.

The cold-water fish you can find are brown trout as well as rainbow trout. The Texas Game and Fish Department stocks these fish throughout the Guadalupe River from November to March. This is also the most productive time to fish the tailwater portion of the Guadalupe.

Favorite Flies for the Guadalupe River

If you’re a tailwater angler, you know how productive mayflies are. Mayflies will catch plenty of fish on the Guadalupe River. However, you can fish all levels of the water column to be successful!

Best Flies for the Guadalupe River TX
Best Flies for the Guadalupe River TX
  • Woolly Bugger, Size 6- If possible, fish black Woolly Buggers in the Guadalupe. You’ll find that they work in both the warm and cold-water portions of the river.
  • San Juan Worm– The San Juan Worm is an extremely productive fly on the Guadalupe. Fish it with some split shot or naked through the riffles and see what happens.
  • Zebra Midge, Size 18- Zebra midges are extremely productive in the Guadalupe. Remember, midge patterns are going to catch you fish in tailwaters!
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Hatch Chart for the Guadalupe River

Catching the Hatch is key to drifting flies on the Guadalupe River. In some sections the fish get quite a bit of pressure and so be prepared to fish “fine and far”. Use long leaders – 9 foot and longer in size 5X to 6X. Make sure to mend for a drag free drift. Learn about drag free drifts in this article. Mending for a Drag Free Drift

Fly NameSizeStart DateEnd Date
 Blue Winged Olive 20 January 1 May 15
 Trico 22 February 1 November 1
 Hexagenia 12 February 15 October 15
 Slate Drake14 February 15October 15
 Caddis 16 February 15October 15
 Midge 20 January 1 December 31
 Terrestrials 12 May 1 November 31
 San Juan Worm 12 January 1 December 31
 Midge 20January 1December 31
 Scud 14 January 1 December 31
 Light Cahill 14 April 1 October 31
Streamer Patterns6January 1December 31

Fly Rod and Reel Setup for the Guadalupe River

When you’re fishing the Guadalupe, you’re not going to be dealing with small fish. The average size trout is 12-18 inches, but can easily grow to be larger than that!

Orvis Clearwater 5 wt 9 foot Combo
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Bring your 5 or 6-weight, 9-foot moderate fast or fast action rod with floating line and 3x leader. Attach some 4x tippet to that if you’re fishing dry flies and nymphs. If you’re fishing only streamers use 9 foot tapered size 0 or 1x is perfect.

Guides and Fly Shops

Last Cast

The Guadalupe River is special for so many reasons. Most anglers think bass fishing when they think of Texas. Bass are amazing to target on the fly rod, but if you want a chance to land your beloved trout as well, then you need to fly fish the Guadalupe River. If you need more Texas fly fishing recommendations, be sure to read our article on best places to fly fish in Texas!

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