Recommended Fly Boxes

I’ve written about this before, but the short story is I like using a Two fly box system. The first box is what I would call my warehouse. It’s filled to the brim with hundreds of popular proven flies. If I’m hiking into a spot I’ll transfer all the flies I need out of the warehouse and put them into a smaller fly box.

Unless I’m in my canoe or a drift boat I only bring TWO fly boxes with me. My system details using a BIG fly box like the SUPER DURABLE Cliff Bugger Beast (Link to AMAZON for the reviews there) as a fly warehouse, I’ll bring this with me if I’m fishing out of a boat.

Cliff's Bugger Beast is made for streamer flies
Cliff’s Bugger Beast is made for streamer flies

Then when I’m wading I’ll carry two boxes in my SLING PACK one for STREAMERS and DRY FLIES.

The Streamer Fly Box is the inexpensive SALMON FLY BOX (Amazon link – an AMAZING PRICE) What I like about this box is it’s length and height. Plenty of room for streamers without mucking up the tails and wings.

For DRY FLIES I like seeing into the box before picking out the fly. For this I recommend the one of several sizes from MAXCATCH (Link Amazon for reviews and pricing).

dry fly box
dry fly box

I’ve written all over this website about fly boxes. (if you can keep a secret, I actually sell fly boxes like what’s below)

You can read more about selecting and benefits of different fly boxes in my article HERE.