Paramount Outdoors Deep Eddy Wading Boots

Paramount Outdoors Deep Eddy Wading Boots Review

How many pairs of wading boots can a fisherman wear? It seems like all I’ve been doing lately is getting my waders wet standing in a river. (I’m on 12 pairs that I’ve tested so far with more to come)

What’s all this yielding? Some honest thoughtful reviews that I get to share. With the Deep Eddy’s by Paramount Outdoors, I felt I might have stumbled upon a gem. But how do they stack up in real-world fishing scenarios? Let’s wade in.

Putting the Deep Eddy's to the test
Putting the Deep Eddy’s to the test

After 30 years of fly fishing, I’ve tried countless wading boots. The Deep Eddy’s by Paramount Outdoors stand out. Lightweight, with superior grip from their felt soles and included studs, they’re a steal around $100. They fit true-to-size and drain quickly. A top pick for any angler.

First Impressions

Straight out of the box, the Deep Eddy’s made a statement. The inclusion of provisions for studs and the actual studs themselves was a delightful surprise.

I can see the thick cushioning on the tongue and collar is going to be comfy even with out tying them on.

The “armored” Rock Jam™ toe cap, double-stitched seams, and the extended quick lacing hooks hinted at a thoughtful design. The riveted holes for drainage, a feature I’ve always championed, promised efficient water exit.

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Appearance of the Deep Eddy’s

The Deep Eddy wading boots a great feature is the cushion on the collar and tongue
The Deep Eddy wading boots a great feature is the cushion on the collar and tongue

Aesthetically, the Deep Eddy’s are a cut above many in their price range. Their stylish brown and black color palette, complemented by a subtle red ankle cushion, exudes a premium feel.

No worries about fish seeing the red, your waders will full conceal it. This design ensures that you not only fish effectively but also look good doing it.

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Comfort and Fit – One of the Most Important Factors

When it comes to fishing, comfort is paramount. Teamed with my 3mm neoprene stocking foot waders and a medium-density sock, the boots felt like they were made for my feet.

True to size, meaning select the same size as normal street shoes. The boots allowed for variations in sock thickness without compromising on comfort.

Their comfort made them my go-to choice for challenging terrains, especially the slippery rocks of the Pere Marquette River.

How Did the Deep Eddy Boots Stack up in My Comparison?

In my extensive experience with wading boots, the Paramount Deep Eddy’s truly stood out in terms of grip and durability. Having tested them on various terrains, they’ve proven to be especially reliable on slippery surfaces.

To see how they stack up against other top contenders, wade into my detailed analysis on 👉 the best wading boots for slippery rocks.

In the water testing the Deep Eddy's
In the water testing the Deep Eddy’s

Walking Comfort

After at least 45 hours on different rivers, I can confidently say that the Deep Eddy’s deliver in terms of walking comfort. Full days of walking and wading were a breeze, with no signs of discomfort or hot spots.

Both in and out of the water, the Deep Eddy boots provided outstanding support, with the cushioning on the collar and tongue being some of the finest I’ve encountered.

Deep Eddy Sole and Traction

The included studs combined with the stick felt sticks to those slippery river beds
The included studs combined with the stick felt sticks to those slippery river beds

The felt soles, complemented by the option to add studs, provided unparalleled grip. Even on the notoriously slippery wooden loading ramps of Michigan rivers, the Deep Eddy’s stood firm.

As someone who’s experienced some slippery situations, I can’t stress enough the importance of reliable traction, and these boots deliver. As an added value the Deep Eddy’s PROVIDE studs to increase traction even more.

Video from a Recent Trip on the Pere Marquette

It’s super tough to to net a +20 pound King Salmon by yourself. I lost the fish, but my feet were firmly planted wearing the Deep Eddy’s.

Value and Cost

Priced around $100, the Deep Eddy’s offer value that rivals even the $200 big-brand boots. The one-year warranty from Paramount Outdoors is a testament to their commitment to quality.

Weight and Drainage

Wet weight of the Deep Eddy's - dry weight doesn't mean anything
Wet weight of the Deep Eddy’s – dry weight doesn’t mean anything

Weighing in at 3.75 pounds when wet, the Deep Eddy’s rank among the lightest boots I’ve ever tested.  

Every company provides the “weight” when dry, which is a useless number.  Heck, I’ve got a big name brand that hypes their boots as being “fly weight” and the Deep Eddy’s are lighter.

The large riveted holes ensure rapid drainage, efficiently letting out both water and debris.

These boots drain fast
These boots drain fast

Durability of the Deep Eddy’s

Though I’ve only clocked about 45 hours in these boots, they’ve shown no signs of wear. The protective toe cap has already proven invaluable during a stumble, and the double stitching promises longevity.

As another note of encouragement, Paramount Outdoors has a 1 year warranty. This is pretty remarkable and more than many wading boot manufactures. Check it out – Paramount Outdoors Warranty

When I cleaned up these boots for pictures and they looked like new.  Check out below. 👇

Okay I didn't believe it either, but here are and boots after at least 45 hours on the water - still like new
Okay I didn’t believe it either, but here are and boots after at least 45 hours on the water – still like new


I wouldn’t advise using felt soles in winter. When considering versatility, I assess if the boots are suitable for year-round use. The main drawback is the felt sole’s inadequacy in winter.

However, for the price of the Deep Eddy’s, I could purchase their rubber-soled counterpart and still spend less than the most versatile wading boots available.

Lacing System

The lacing system rocks! Image trying to take your boots off in freezing weather with cold fingers
The lacing system rocks! Image trying to take your boots off in freezing weather with cold fingers and struggling with loosening the laces. Not happening with the Deep Eddy’s

The fabric laces might need replacement in the future, but the metal eyelets and speed lacing hooks are precisely what I seek in a wading boot.

One feature I particularly appreciate about these boots is the lacing system the quick lace loops are positioned low enough on the boot, making it effortless to insert and remove your waders.

What Others Are Saying

With a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, the Deep Eddy’s have garnered positive feedback from other users. From praises about their design and build to their excellent traction and comfort, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. However, as with any product, there are occasional hiccups, as one reviewer mentioned issues with the speed loops.

The below reviews were taken and summarized from Amazon. To verify check out this link. Amazon Deep Eddy Wading Boots

Reviewer #1: 5 Stars

A thorough examination of the Deep Eddy Wading Boots reveals a keen appreciation for their design and features. From the inclusion of studs to the protective toe cap and quick lacing hooks, this reviewer celebrates the boots’ thoughtful construction.

Standout features like the riveted holes for efficient drainage and a metal keeper ring for gaiter attachment underscore the boots’ meticulous design tailored for anglers.

Reviewer #2: 5 Stars

This succinct review emphasizes the boots’ top-notch quality and performance. With a nod to the boots’ excellent traction and overall comfort, it’s clear that the Deep Eddy’s deliver on their promises, providing a reliable wading experience without unnecessary complications.

Reviewer #3: 4 Stars

Brief yet impactful, this feedback suggests a high level of satisfaction with the Deep Eddy’s. The reviewer’s willingness to consider a future purchase of the same boots speaks volumes about their positive experience and trust in the product.

Reviewer #4: 1 Star

Highlighting potential durability concerns, this critique sheds light on an issue with the boots’ speed loops sheering off during initial use. The added layer of dissatisfaction stems from the lack of response from the seller, reminding potential buyers that individual experiences can vary.

The Deep Eddy wading boots
The Deep Eddy wading boots

After 30 years of kicking around in wading boots, I can confidently say the Deep Eddy Wading Boots by Paramount Outdoors stand out. If you’re looking for what I consider the best value wading boots on the market consider the Deep Eddy’s. Read more and check the current prices with this shortcut Amazon link 👉 Paramount Deep Eddy Wading Boots

Scoring the Paramount Outdoors Deep Eddy’s Wading Boots

Below, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of how the Deep Eddy wading boot performs across the key characteristics I think are most valuable in wading boots.

Overall Score = 4.8 ⭐ out of 5 – Amazing for this price range.

CharacteristicScore (out of 5)Notes
Initial Impression5Premium appearance with armored toe cap and quick lacing hooks.
Appearance5Subdued brown and black design with a protective toe cap.
Comfort and Fit5Perfect fit with room for varying sock thickness.
Walking Comfort5No hot spots even after a full day of wading.
Flexibility of Sole4Nicely flexible, ideal for varied terrains.
Ankle Support5Cushioned ankle provides both comfort and support.
Traction and Grip5Exceptional grip, especially on slippery surfaces like wooden ramps.
Sole Material5Felt soles provide superior grip in rivers.
Provisions for Cleats and Studs5Designed with a recessed boss for stud provision.
Value and Cost5Delivers more than what many $200 big brand names offer.
Weight and Drainage5Among the lightest boots tested with excellent drainage.
Durability4No signs of wear after 45 hours of tough wading.
Versatility4Suitable for various wading conditions, but felt isn’t recommended for winter.
Lacing System4Quality lacing system with metal eyelets and speed lacing hooks.
Overall Score4.8A top-tier wading boot with exceptional features at an affordable price.

Do I Recommend the Deep Eddy Wading Boots?

Without hesitation I'd recommend the Deep Eddy wading boots
Without hesitation I’d recommend the Deep Eddy wading boots

After thoroughly testing the Deep Eddy Wading Boots in various fishing situations, I can confidently recommend them to fellow anglers. Their blend of comfort, durability, and value is hard to beat.

After 30 years of fly fishing and countless pairs of wading boots, I can confidently say the Deep Eddy Wading Boots by Paramount Outdoors stand out.

If you’re serious about your angling adventures and want a pair that delivers on every front, don’t hesitate. I wouldn’t hesitate in my recommendation to purchase a pair of these wading boots. Here’s a shortcut link to Amazon to learn more 👉 Deep Eddy Wading Boots

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