Maui Jim Red Sands Sunglasses Review

Maui Jim Red Sands Sunglasses Review (On-Water Testing Included)

Let me tell you about these Maui Jim Red Sands sunglasses I recently tried out. You know how important it is to have a good pair of shades when you’re out on the water, right?

You’ve got to remember I’m telling you about these sunglasses from a purely fishing point of view.  The Red Sands are a very stylish pair of sunglasses suited for a variety of functions way beyond fishing.

Maui Jim Red Sands Sunglasses
Maui Jim Red Sands Sunglasses

First Impression

My first impression was that these are some really stylish sunglasses, but they seemed more focused on style than fishing functionality. The package they came in didn’t have a durable case to protect the glasses.

How Well Did the Red Sands Work on the Water?

The below are the images taken with and without sunglasses to show how affective the Red Sands are at cutting glare and seeing fish.

No Sunglasses (Red Sands Test)
No Sunglasses (Red Sands Test)
With Red Sands Sunglasses
With Red Sands Sunglasses

Out of all the sunglasses I tested, the Red Sands finished towards the bottom of the pack. They placed in 10th place out of 15 a the time of my review. This isn’t knocking the Red Sands as sunglasses, just that for FISHING there are better choices.

If your looking for the best, check out my FULL REVIEW link πŸ‘‰ Looking for the Best Fishing Sunglasses. In the article I detail all the sunglasses tested and provide the nitty gritty details covering 16 factors that I reviewed.

Video Review of Maui Jim Red Sands

Fit and Comfort

I found the sunglasses to be quite comfortable. They have nose pads, ear pads, and a flexible frame which made them a joy to wear. The fit was just right, not too tight and not too loose.

Maui Jim Red Sands Fit
Maui Jim Red Sands Fit

Lens Features

They have a bronze lens color, which I love because it helps with contrast while fishing. The polarization was impressive, scoring an 8 out of 10, which really cuts down glare.

The UV protection was also excellent, scoring an 8 out of 10, so these lenses will keep your eyes safe from harmful rays. The VLT was right in my preferred range, averaging around 15.1%.

Fishy Factor

Unfortunately, these sunglasses only scored a 5 in terms of “fishy factor” because they lacked some important features like a wide side shield, glass lenses, and spring hinges.

Frame and Design

The frame is made of plastic and is flexible, but I’m concerned about its durability. The style is a base-6 curvature, which doesn’t provide the best coverage or peripheral vision. The weight was nice and light, only 25 grams, which is great for all-day wear.


Both my daughter and I posed for pics wearing the Red Sands. I’m a “fat head” wearing a large to XL size hat. She’s a small thing wearing a size small. Check out the pictures.

Me wearing the Red Sands
Me wearing the Red Sands
Daughter wearing the Red Sands
Daughter wearing the Red Sands

Additional Features

The arms are flexible, which might affect fit and comfort. The lenses are plastic, and I even got a minor scratch on them. Glass lenses would have been better. The scratch resistance seems lacking, but the warranty is generous at 2 years.

Performance and User Experience

I took them fishing a couple of times and they performed pretty well, but they’re definitely more suitable for occasional fishing rather than hardcore angling.

The Red Sands come with a cloth and tri-fold case that doesn't provide much protection
The Red Sands come with a cloth and tri-fold case that doesn’t provide much protection

Technologies that Set Red Sands Apart

The Maui Jim Red Sands sunglasses really stand out in terms of style, comfort, and UV protection. Their lens material, MauiPure, is quite impressive.

It offers optics nearly as crisp as SuperThin Glass while being ultra-lightweight and providing excellent scratch and shatter resistance. This unique lens technology makes these sunglasses great for casual fishing or just looking stylish on the water.

Pros and Cons for the Red Sands


Stylish design, good UV protection, comfortable fit.


Lacks durability, not ideal for hardcore fishing, no glass lens option, no spring hinges.

Price and Value

These sunglasses cost $247, which is quite steep considering they’re more stylish than functional.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

The average star rating for these sunglasses is 4.4, so other customers seem to be fairly happy with them.

Alternate Choices in this Price Range

If you want to spend a little more and get the very best, I’ve got two options (both link to Amazon) the πŸ‘‰ Smith Guides Choice and the πŸ‘‰ Maui Jim Local Kines

For a little less $$ the Costa Del Mar Fantails are a great option. You can read more over on Amazon with this shortcut link πŸ‘‰ Costa Del Mar Fantails

Last Cast with the Red Sands

In conclusion, these Maui Jim Red Sands sunglasses are great for casual fishing or just looking stylish on the water. However, they might not be the best choice for serious anglers looking for ultimate functionality.

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