Fishoholic Sunglasses Review

Fishoholic Sunglasses Review (with On-Water Testing)

Hey there, buddy! As an avid fisherman, I couldn’t help but share my thoughts on the Fishoholic fishing sunglasses. You know how essential high-quality sunglasses are for those long days out on the water, so let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of these bad boys.

How Well Do The Fishoholic Sunglasses Work?

A picture is worth a thousand words, check out how well they cut the glare with these with and without pics.

No Sunglasses (Fishoholic)
No Sunglasses (Fishoholic test)
With Fishoholic sunglasses
With Fishoholic sunglasses

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Fishoholic Sunglasses

My Ranking = #11 out of 15 tested

In terms of value and function the Fishoholic sunglasses can’t be beat.

  • Price = $24.99 at time of review
  • Good Polarization
  • Okay fit
  • Lacks a hook over the ear and pads

Lens Features

Color and Benefits – These sunglasses come with bronze lenses, which are perfect for fishing because they enhance contrast and provide excellent visibility in various lighting conditions.

Fishoholic bronze lens color
Fishoholic bronze lens color

Polarization Technology – The Fishoholic sunglasses are equipped with good polarization technology, which reduces glare and helps us spot those elusive fish swimming beneath the surface.

UV Protection – When it comes to eye safety, these sunglasses don’t disappoint. They provide good UV protection, shielding our eyes from harmful rays during those long, sunny fishing trips.

Visible Light Transmission (VLT) – The lenses have a VLT of 10%, making them suitable for bright sunlight and a variety of lighting conditions. (this is using my testing method)

Video Review with On-Water Test

Frame and Design

Frame Material and Durability

The frames are made of plastic, ensuring a reasonably sturdy build. However, the lack of spring hinges might affect their long-term durability.

Fishoholic Sunglasses
Fishoholic Sunglasses

Style and Curvature

The Fishoholic sunglasses feature a base-8 wraparound style, providing excellent coverage and peripheral vision, which are crucial when we’re scanning the water for any signs of activity.

Check out how these sunglasses look on myself (size large head) and my daughter (size small).

Me wearing the Fishoholic sunglasses
Me wearing the Fishoholic sunglasses
My daughter wearing the Fishoholic sunglasses
My daughter wearing the Fishoholic sunglasses

Fit and Comfort Features

These sunglasses do not come with a hook over ears, pads on the nose, or ear areas. They might be a little tight, but they are still fairly comfortable for extended wear. I like having a slight hook because it helps retain the glasses a little more.

Weight and Impact on Comfort

With an estimated weight of 25 grams, they should be relatively lightweight and comfortable for long periods.

Additional Features

What came with the Fishoholic sunglasses
What came with the Fishoholic sunglasses
  • Side Shields – The Fishoholic sunglasses have wide side shields, which offer better protection and coverage than narrow shields.
  • Included in PackageThe package includes a case, a bag, and a sticker, giving you a complete set to protect and store your sunglasses.
  • Warranty Information – The Fishoholic sunglasses come with a 180-day warranty, providing some peace of mind when it comes to potential defects or damage.

Performance and User Experience

During my fishing trips with the Fishoholic sunglasses, I’ve found that they provide decent performance in terms of polarization and UV protection. The comfort is a bit tight, but overall, they are suitable for fishing.

Notable Pros and Cons


  1. Good polarization and UV protection
  2. Wide side shields for better coverage
  3. Affordable price


  1. A little tight in terms of comfort
  2. Lack of spring hinges and plastic lenses could affect durability
  3. No hook over ears, pads on the nose, or ear areas

Price and Value

The Fishoholic fishing sunglasses are priced at $24.99, which offers excellent value for the features and quality they provide.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Based on customer feedback, these sunglasses have been well-received. They currently have an average star rating of 4.4, indicating general satisfaction with the product.

Guide Recommend: If you’re liking what you’re seeing (pun) you can check the current prices on Amazon with this shortcut link 👉 Fishoholic Sunglasses


In conclusion, the Fishoholic fishing sunglasses are a budget-friendly option that provides decent performance and coverage. While they might not be the most comfortable or durable option, their affordable price and overall functionality make them a reasonable choice for anglers looking for a cost-effective solution for their fishing adventures.

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