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Best Online Fly Shop (My Favorites You Need To Visit)

Are you searching for a reliable online fly shop where you can get your gear? Well, we have got you covered. Having purchased most of my fishing gear online over the last few years, I have experienced everything from long order timelines and a lousy attitude from customer service to high-quality products with fantastic services. Therefore, I know which fly shops to visit and which ones to avoid.

Many online fly shops cater to a vast percentage of beginners, intermediate, and experienced fly anglers. Some of the best online fly shops include Simms Fishing, Trident Fly Fishing, Orvis, Discount Flies, and Fly Shack. 

Online shopping has evolved over the last three decades. It currently caters to most of the shoppers in the United States, including most experienced fly anglers. So in this article, we’ll show you some of the best online fly shops that have served us for over a decade. We’ll also show you the factors to consider when picking the best online fly shop.

Factors To Consider When Picking the Best Fly Fishing Online Shop

The creation of the internet has revolutionized everything, including commerce. It has forced most businesses to move beyond the traditional brick and mortar to find a way to make it easier to reach their clients, resulting in online shops. In fact, there are many businesses, including fly fishing shops, that can only deal with online clients.  

But, with the many options available, picking the proper online fly fishing shops for your gear can be pretty challenging. After all, some shops have specialized in specific equipment or a section of the fly fishing industry. In contrast, others have everything you’ll ever need for fly fishing. So here are a few factors to consider when choosing an online fly fishing shop:

Guide Tip: When buying a “good” fly rod. Something over $400, take a serious look at the repair policy. More and more rod companies are charging and limiting a fly rod warranty. Orvis was “known” to have what was nearly a no questions asked “Lifetime” warranty. I searched, and couldn’t find it anymore. (Source)

1)   The Selection of Fly Fishing Gear

As aforementioned, most online fly fishing shops specialize in certain types of gear, while others deal with all the things to do with this activity. Some, like Simms, specialized in waders. In contrast, others like J Stockard Fly Fishing only deal with flies and fly tying materials.

But what matters the most is the quality and the price of the fly fishing gear sold.

So make sure the shop you choose carries the gear you need for your fishing style. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to ensure the shop has a good selection of beginner-friendly equipment.

If you’re getting into fly tying, you may need to look for a shop that sells top-notch fly tying gear. But, the fact that they have specialized in a specific gear type doesn’t always mean that they have the best tools in the market.

2)   The Price of Fly Fishing Gear

The whole idea behind purchasing gear online is to save some cash while ensuring that you get a discount on your equipment. Plus, the fly fishing gear price varies with shop and brand. Buying things online makes it possible for you to compare prices at different shops to find the best deals on fly fishing gear.

After all, some shops sell homemade goods, and since they don’t own a physical shop or pay certain charges, their products tend to be cheaper than the price of physical shops. The homemade fly gears are also customized and loved by most experienced anglers. Some online shops even offer free shipping for goods exceeding a certain amount, which can be a bonus if you buy lots of gear.

3)   The Shipping and Return Policies

Be sure to read the shipping and return policies before making a purchase. Some shops have stringent guidelines that could make it difficult to return or exchange gear if you’re not satisfied. On the other hand, some of the best online fly shops can replace your product if it’s damaged during shipping or you’re not happy with it.

So it would be best if you considered the types of warranties that come with most products. Some shops offer a lifetime warranty, while others come with a warranty that lasts for only a few years. Some warranties are effective if you purchase the equipment from an authorized dealer.

Guide Tip: You can go crazy getting fly fishing gear. I’d take a look at this DOWNLOAD Fly Fishing Checklist it’s free. One of the best things I ever did was to hire a guide. It seriously changed everything for me – for the better.

4)   Customer Service

Good customer service is essential when dealing with any business. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure the online fly fishing shop you choose has friendly and helpful customer service representatives. Some companies have non-responsive customer service representatives.

This non-responsiveness makes it almost impossible for you to get the best out of your investment or inquire more about certain goods.

Since you’ll be dealing with the customer service department of these shops, it’s always a good idea to do your research. This research means finding out what other clients experience with specific shops. Remember, customer service can make or break the business. 

What Are the Best Online Fly Shops?

Shopping for Fly Fishing Gear.jpg
Shopping for Fly Fishing Gear

1)   Simms Fishing

If you have spent some time online looking for fly fishing apparel, you probably have come across Simms. Simms is one of the leading fly fishing shops in the United States founded in Jackson, Wyoming, in 1980 by John Simms. John started the firm to supply high-quality wading equipment and waders that weren’t present at the time. (source)

John Simms’ inventions made him a household name for waders. The company started as a wader manufacturing firm, and with time the company introduced other gear. Simms has supplied a vast percentage of the fly anglers, and most folks love their customer service and products.

Of all their products, boots and waders are among the world’s best products. Even though they are pretty costly, they are high-quality products that have served anglers for years. Plus, most of their products come with a warranty, and some clients have confirmed that they can repair a worn-out wader. (source)

Some unsatisfied clients have even confirmed that they fixed the pinholes on their waders after returning them for repairs.

Simms sells raincoats, shirts, fishing packs, accessories, and cold weather gear. So if you’re searching for any fly fishing apparel, then is the place to visit. Most online shops carry Simms’ products, but it’s always good to purchase their products directly from them.

Guide Tip: I own (2) pair of SIMMS Flyweight Wading Boots. I absolutely love them. One pair has a rubber sole which is great for long hikes and fishing in Banned Boot States and the other pair are felt. The light weight allows me to wade all day with comfort. Check them out – HERE

Their customer service is exceptional, and they sell high-quality products. On top of that, they guarantee you free shipping for all purchases over $100.

2)   Trident Fly Fishing

If you are looking for a fly shop with a massive collection of fishing gear, then Trident is the first place you should visit. Based in Maine, this company has helped improve the confidence of most fly anglers in online shopping while guaranteeing them high-quality gear. Trident has a vast collection of fly fishing equipment ranging from waders, reels, rods to accessories like nippers and tippets. This store has many tools and flying materials that can satisfy every angler.

Most folks, including me, consider Trident a one-stop shop. So whether you’re searching for a pack of leaders or a new fly rod, Trident has everything you’ll ever need. Plus, most fly anglers have applauded them for the amount of work and research they put in their work. Trident produces and sells high-quality fly gear to improve your fly fishing skills. (source)

Trident has an extensive clearance section that is updated constantly. Therefore, if you still need a high-end fly rod at a discount, you should visit their clearance section regularly.

3)   J Stockard Fly Fishing

If you have just discovered fly tying and want to start designing your flies, you need to visit J Stockard Fly Fishing. J Stockard Fly Fishing is the leading fly tying material supplier that sells a wide range of vises, yarn, braid, wax, thread, and material. Founded in 2003, J Stockard Fly Fishing is currently considered the biggest supplier of fly tying materials in the United States. This firm supplies fly-tying materials all over the United States and beyond. (source)

Situated in Kent, Connecticut, this firm is ideally situated to purchase its materials from numerous top brands, including Wapsi, Hareline, Tiemco, Daiichi, Mustad, among others. Some fly anglers have commended them for their high-quality materials and tools. Some were happy with the items they ordered, including a Terra Tool and DanVise. (source)

So if you plan on getting into fly tying, you should contact J Stockard Fly Fishing for high-quality tying tools. Plus, most of their fly tying tools come with reliable tutorials that can get you started in no time.

4)   Orvis

In the world of fly fishing, Orvis is a household name that has been in the industry for decades. Orvis is a family-owned retail store specializing in sporting, hunting, and fly fishing goods.

Even though it was started in Manchester, Vermont, by Charles Orvis, it is considered the oldest American mail-order retailer. Currently, it operates over 70 outlets in the United States alone, plus the Perkins family now owns it. (source)

Other than being one of the leading names in the fly fishing industry, this firm sells some of the best fly fishing gear. Some users still own the vintage fly rods from the 1990s use them, and they have never switched to the latest models or brands. Therefore, they are known and loved for their high-quality and affordable fly fishing gear. (source)

They are the best brand in the market; all you have to do is cast using their Helios rod and play with one of their reels to find out what I mean. Therefore, if you plan on fishing for years, you need Orvis fly fishing gear.

Other than their exceptional fly rods, this brand also sells dog supplies, luggage, apparel, and, at times, some fishing trips.

Orvis also sells products from other tried brands like Recon, Clearwater, and Helios. Therefore, you’re guaranteed a high-quality product when you invest in Orvis.

5)   Discount Flies

If you’ve ever searched for discounted flies, you probably have heard about Discount Flies. Discount Flies is one of the leading dry fly supplies in the United States. And that is because they provide high-quality flies at about 50% the price of other shops.

Therefore, you will get more than a better price; you will get high-end flies at a discounted price. So if you want to restock your fly box without breaking the bank, then Discount Flies is where you need to visit.

This company has surprised most beginners wondering if they can get discounted high-quality flies. Most of them have never looked back after trying the different discounted flies sold by this company. (source)

6)   Fly Shack

One of the main things most anglers spend on during their fly tying career is their hooks. These hooks are the most crucial parts of the fly designed to attract colossal game fish; unfortunately, they aren’t cheap.

And a low-quality hook can easily break during the fly tying process. But with The Fly Shack, you’ll never have to worry about the fly tying hook.

This company’s fly tying hook fits the bill and sells some of the most affordable hooks. Luckily, the hooks produced by this New York firm hold their own against the high-end models. At about $7 for a 100-pack of chemically-sharpened hooks, you’ll never have to worry about losing your flies again or breaking your hook while fly tying.

This online shop specializes in fly tying, and it also sells some of the most affordable flies in the market. And clients who have tried their brands are always left smiling. After all, you will never have to worry about not catching any fish with these flies. (source)

Guide Tip: A great fly fishing tool that some folks forget is a multi-tool. I’ve owned a bunch and love the Leatherman Wingman (shortcut link to Amazon for prices and reviews) I also wrote up a guide to multi-tools -> What is the Best Fishing Multi-Tool?


Can I Get a High-Quality Fly Rod Online?

Yes, several reputable fly fishing gear with online shops can guarantee you high-quality fly rods. Companies like Orvis sell some of the best-tested fly rods in the market, and they have a return policy if you’re not satisfied with their product.

Should I Purchase My Gear Online or At the Local Store?

You can get high-quality products both online and at the local store. Unfortunately, some local stores don’t have specific brands, so you should try online fly shops if you’re looking for something specific. Plus, they can deliver the products to your doorstep.

Why Should I Purchase My Fly Fishing Gear Online?

Online shops can give you options, and most of them offer some of the best discounts on fly gear. Your gear can indeed get damaged while in transit, but did you know that you can return the equipment if not satisfied or damaged? Online shops also deliver to your doorstep, saving you time and money.

Final Verdict

Online fly shops were opened to make it easier for anglers to access some of the best brands in the market. And with the many shops available, you can purchase any fly fishing or tying gear without even leaving your house and have it delivered to you.

Therefore why don’t you try the above best online fly shops for high-quality equipment? Some of them even offer free shipping and great discounts.

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