What are the Benefits of a Fly Fishing Vest?

When it comes to fly fishing, there’s always something up for debate. One question that can spark a heated back-and-forth is what is the best way to carry fly fishing gear?

While sling bags, chest packs, and lumbar bags have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, we feel that the humble fly fishing vest is still one of the best ways to carry everything you need and keep it organized. Here are a few benefits of fly fishing vests to consider to help you decide what is right for you.

A Vest Keeps the Weight on Your Shoulders

fly Vest weight on shoulders
fly Vest weight on shoulders

Staying comfortable while wading is extremely important. One of the main problems with many chest pack designs is that most of the weight is carried on the neck. You might not notice at first, but a few hours into fishing you’ll be rubbing your sore muscles when you should be mending your line.

With a fly fishing vest, however, the weight of your gear is carried on your shoulders. Additionally, assuming you have gear in both the front and back of the vest, your load is distributed all around your body. This balance is key to avoiding any excessive strain on vulnerable areas like your neck.

Fly Fishing Vests Have Pockets for Everything

There’s nothing worse than having to dig through a messy bag to find your fly box with that perfect fly to match the hatch that just started. Since most fly fishing vests have a ton of pockets, every little item can be tucked away in its own dedicated spot. No more frantic searching.

fly vest pockets organize
fly vest pockets organize

Less Casting Interference with a Vest

As long as you have your gear distributed throughout your vest, it will ride very close to your body without limiting your range of motion. And when your arms and hands are free to move, your casting won’t be inhibited in any way. Just make sure none of your pockets are overloaded and bulging and you’ll be good to go.

A Fly Fishing Vest is the Classic Choice

In addition to being very practical and efficient ways to carry your fly fishing gear, vests were the standard choice among fly anglers for decades. If you want to embrace the traditions and rich, classic style fly fishing is known for, there’s nothing more appropriate to wear than a fly fishing vest.

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