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The 3 Best Fly Fishing Jackets On The Market 2022

A reliable fly fishing jacket should ensure that you remain warm and dry during the rainy season. Plus, the rainy days are the most productive days for fly anglers. It means that you have to hit the waters even when it’s raining. Other than your wading boots and wader, one of the best fly fishing jackets on the market in 2022 is the Simms Men’s Freestone Jacket for outdoor activities and fishing.

The three best fly fishing jackets are Simms Men’s Freestone Jacket, Filson Skagit rain jacket, and Riverruns fish wading jacket.

The 3 Best Fly Fishing Jackets Revealed And Explained

Simms Men’s Freestone Wading Jacket for Outdoor Activities and Fishing – Best Overall

Simms has finally redesigned their famous wading jacket and trimmed some key features to make it unique and different from the Simms Guide Classic. The Simms Freestone Jacket is designed for anglers looking forward to carrying less gear in their jacket pocket. But it does have two key pockets for storing the essential equipment like a smaller fly box.

Looking for the Best?

SIMMS makes some of the best waders and jackets – period. The SIMMS Freestone jacket is perfect for more than just fly fishing. The convenient interior pocket and draw springs keep you and your possessions dry.

  • Wind and Waterproof using 3 layer construction
  • Inside and outside pockets big enough for a fly box
  • SIMMS Guarantee
  • It’s designed for anglers who prefer carrying gear on their backpack, hip pack, or sling pack, which makes it the easiest to pack and carry a fly fishing jacket.
  • Made using a 3-layer Toray fabric, this jacket can serve you for a long time and guarantee maximum waterproofness.
  • Another feature that stands out is its single-point adjustable hood that will keep you warm and dry while fishing.
  • Despite being costly, Simms jackets are the only options in the market that can guarantee you 100% waterproof for a very long time.


  • Brand: SIMMS
  • Material: 3-Layer Nylon with draw strings for hood and waist
  • Pockets: 2 External chest pockets and on internal pocket
  • Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ— 4.8 out of 5

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Compass 360 Rain Jacket – Best Price to Value

If you are an expert fly angler and love fishing in wet and cold conditions, you should try this fly fishing jacket. I’ve been using the Compass Waders for many years now. Read more about those waders HERE. Designed and tested in the heart of fly fishing territory (Colorado) This growing brand delivers reliable, affordable fly fishing gear that delivers.

The Compass 360 jacket has all those small, well thought out features that become “discoveries” that you wish you had on all your jackets. Here is why you should purchase the Compass 360

Best Price to Value

I love Compass 360, my waders have lasted for years and I abuse them. The Compass 360 Jacket has all the features a fly fisher wants.

  • Neoprene cuffs to keep water out
  • Lots of pockets, when it’s raining you need to access stuff
  • Designed in waterproofing and wind resistance.
  • A back loop to hold your net
  • 6 pockets to hold everything from tippet to fly boxes.
  • Waterproof and windproof construction using a quality zipper AND a button down flaps.
  • Velcro closure at the wrist PLUS neoprene to insure that water is slowed down.
  • A loop on the back for holding your net. Read The Best Way to Carry a Net
  • It has superior waterproofing capabilities thanks to the 3-layered nylon fabric used to make it.
  • You won’t have to worry about sweating since the 3-layered nylon material is breathable, allowing air to move in and out of the jacket.
  • Fleece lined pockets are ideal for a fly fishing in cooler weather..
  • Considered the best value for features like: 100% waterproof, breathable, versatile, compared to the competitive price.


  • Brand: Compass 360
  • Material: HydroPore 3.0 high density polyester with Nanotox DWR
  • Pockets: 6 External pockets with water resistant zippers
  • Rating:πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ— 4.5 out of 5

Riverruns Fishing Wading Jacket – Great Alternative

If you’re looking for a jacket that can keep you warm without breaking the bank, you should try the Riverruns jacket. This jacket promises to keep you dry and warm enough while you do something you love. It has most of the features that you would find in some high-end products, but they have sacrificed quality. Some of its key features include:

  • This jacket is ideal for anyone who loves storing gear in their pockets despite its price. And that is because it comes with nine pockets with the bigger ones on the front.
  • It comes with Velcro sealed cuffs and waterproof zippers to prevent moisture from coming into your arms.
  • To guarantee that you won’t be rained on while fishing, it has a removable huge hard-brimmed hood that can cover your head and face.


  • Brand: Aventik
  • Storage space: 9 pockets
  • Material: 3 layered waterproof breathable fabric
  • Hood: it comes with a removable huge hard-brimmed hood
  • Rating: πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ• 4 out of 5

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Buyer Guide

How Long Can Your Fly Fishing Jacket Keep You Dry?

The ability to keep you warm and dry for an extended period is a very crucial factor when picking the right jacket for your next fishing trip. Unfortunately, lake and river fishing is sometimes accompanied by unpredictable weather, so you have to be prepared for anything, including falling rain.

At times it can be infrequent and light, but there are times when it can rain constantly; therefore, you need a jacket that can keep you dry and warm while you’re fly fishing.

Remember, feeling wet for a long time isn’t great when it’s warm, but it can cut your trip short during the cold season. Therefore, the right jacket can make a vast difference between life and death when the weather is terrible. The right jacket should keep you warm and dry while you’re fishing.

The Simms wading jackets are the best option guaranteed with great breathability and waterproofness. (source) Simms make their jackets using Gore-Tex materials, keeping you dry during the rainy season.

Is Wind Resistance Mandatory For Wading Jackets?

When cold wind travels through your clothing, it will leave you chilly, especially if they’re slightly damp. Therefore, the best fly fishing jacket should allow little to no air to blow through a square foot per minute. Unfortunately, very few garments can achieve this, but the gore-tex membrane can withstand this level. (source)

Wind Resistance is mandatory, especially if you want to stop the wind from blowing through your jacket and leaving you cold. You can also remain warm by wearing fewer layers of tightly woven fleeces, but the top layer must be windproof.

Guide Tip: Most modern rain jackets use a technology called Durable Water Repellent (DWR) which makes water bead-up and roll off. You can rejuvenate DWR with some simple steps. Read more in this article How to Care for Waders

What To Look For When Buying A Reliable Fly Fishing Jacket?

Other than being windproof and waterproof, there are other vital factors that you have to consider when buying a fishing jacket. Remember, waterproof and windproof play a key role in the comfort of your coat, but for you to remain dry; there are other things you have to consider; some of these factors include:


It’s known that reliable fly fishing jackets can be quite costly; therefore, you should stick within your price range, just like with your gear. Instead of breaking your budget for your next fishing trip, you should be reasonable and look for something within your price range.

Luckily, you can get a jacket that can keep you dry for a long time, but you may have to sacrifice other things, including storage space and durability. Some budget wader jackets can keep you warm and provide more than enough storage space while expelling the sweat.


Breathability refers to the ability of your jacket to expel moisture from the inside while ensuring that the outside remains dry. Remember, when fishing in places with high humidity, you need a jacket that can help keep you dry while making you comfortable. Luckily, most materials used for these jackets have this capability.


Casting your line and maneuvering around certain terrains can be challenging. And an insulated fishing jacket can make this even more difficult. Therefore you need a coat that can offer water protection and insulation while making it easier to move around and cast your line.

Storage Space

If you love storing your gear in your jacket pockets, you need to get a jacket with many pockets like the Riverruns Fishing Wading Jacket. This jacket has nine pockets, including two large ones on the front.

The Last Cast

There is nothing more relaxing than fly fishing with your family members or friends in a secluded spot. Unfortunately, the weather can be very unpredictable; therefore, you need a high-quality fly fishing jacket like the Simms Men’s Freestone Jacket.

Simms make their jackets using Gore-Tex material that is both windproof and waterproof., So instead of second-guessing or just picking the first jacket you find in the store, why don’t you try the ones in our fly fishing jacket roundup?

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