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The Patagonia Waders Review You Need To Read First

Modern anglers are very fortunate; after all, the days of wearing ill-fitting heavy waders are gone. Those bulky and less durable waders that bathed you with sweat all day long have been replaced by modern ones like Patagonia waders designed with breathability and comfort in mind. So, after thorough research, we decided to create the following must-read Patagonia waders review.

Patagonia, Inc. has been producing some of the best outdoor clothing since 1973, and their waders are pretty exceptional. Made using waterproof materials, Patagonia waders are breathable and can keep you comfortable the entire day.

Some anglers have confessed to using their Patagonia waders for over a decade without experiencing any leakages. So, in this Patagonia waders review, we will elaborate more on the best waders by Patagonia and what makes them stand out.

The Patagonia Waders Review

Chouinard Yvon, the founder of Patagonia, Inc., has always been fascinated with the outdoors. He became a climber in 1953 at the age of 14. His interest in the outdoors forced him to invest his time and creativity in making life easier for fellow outdoor lovers. 

And in his quest for making life for outdoor lovers easier, he designed some of the most affordable climbing gears that could absorb the sweat while keeping them comfortable. (source)

Yvon started dealing with clothing in 1972 when he introduced rugby shirts, boiled-wool gloves, and bivouac sacks in the outdoor gear. During that era, the climbers relied on a moisture-absorbing layer of wool and cotton clothes.

So, in order to make mountain climbing fun, he introduced fur-coats to the market. This jacket kept the climbers insulated and dried quickly on wet days.

Despite being an avid climber, Yvon also loves angling, which is why he later converted Patagonia Inc. to a half climbing and half fishing company in the late 1980s when he introduced a mesh fishing vest.

Thanks to their quality, the company introduced lots of high-quality fly fishing gear that are loved by lots of anglers to date.

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Yvon’s quest for the best material for climbing jackets is what drove him to get the very best option for the Patagonia wader. The company has produced some of the most affordable and high-quality waders for males and females using recycled materials. (source) So here are some of the best Patagonia Waders in the market:

Men’s Swiftcurrent Expedition Zip-Front Waders

The Swiftcurrent Expedition Zip-Front wader is a unique breathable, waterproof, and super rugged zippered fishing wader designed to keep you comfortable all day long. The Swiftcurrent Expedition Zip-Front wader is one of the best waders from Patagonia, and it comes in over 18 different sizes, so you can get a pair that fits you despite your body size. Other than its excellent looks, this wader will surprise you with its comfort levels and fit.

But when selecting the right option using their wading sizing chart, make sure you pay attention to the length and girth.

Patagonia is an environmentally friendly firm and prefers using recyclable materials. And currently, it is using 100% recycled polyester microfiber, with its 4-layer design being puncture resistant and durable. And to help repel water, Patagonia added durable water repellent coating. (source)

Patagonia added a gusseted crotch and used single-seam construction for freedom of movement, durability, and comfort. For extra comfort, they added heavy-duty scuff guards, removable foam kneepads, and articulated legs.

Fly Fishing Waders
Fly Fishing Waders

Waders aren’t cheap. I’ve got some articles to help select, find a great value and repair.

Plus, the anatomical booties that come with these waders have a sock-like fit and lower volume that can guarantee you comfort all day long. Made in Vietnam, this wader weighs about 65.9 oz., so you will never have to worry about your gear weighing you down while fishing. (source)


  • 100% recycled polyester microfiber taffeta front
  • Zip stash pockets
  • 100% recycled polyester back
  • Quick-release, fully adjustable suspender system
  • Waterproof front zipper
  • Two handwarmer pockets with zip flaps
  • No snag, and secure stretch wading belt
  • Waterproof flip-out pockets


  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • It’s easy to put on and remove
  • Comfortable
  • It’s made using fast-drying material
  • And just like the other Patagonia waders, it’s made using recycled materials.


  • Since the fit is more athletic, you have to check the sizing chart accurately before ordering your pair of waders.

Patagonia Swiftcurrent Expedition Waders

With their new line, Patagonia has improved lots of aspects of their products. In fact, the new Swiftcurrent expedition wader promises mobility and better fit, thanks to its unique design. This wader has a quick-release, adjustable suspender system for converting it from chest to waist height when it’s too hot. And to keep your hands warm when it’s too cold, this wader comes with handwarmer pockets with a zipper. (source)

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Just like most of their other waders, this product is made using 100% recycled materials. Swiftcurrent expedition wader also has a standard shell with a breathable/waterproof barrier and a DWR finish. Its single-seam construction and gusseted crotch guarantee you comfort and freedom of movement. Its horizontal zip-chest pocket and kangaroo pocket allow for faster access to floatant, nippers, and tippet spools.

And just like the other Patagonia waders, the Swiftcurrent expedition also comes with a pair of anatomical booties.

The comfortable anatomical booties have a sock-like fit and lower volume. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a front zipper which makes it cheaper than the Swiftcurrent expedition with a front zipper. (source)


  • Durable, water repellent finish
  • Breathable and waterproof barrier
  • 100% recycled materials
  • Anatomical booties
  • Heavy-duty scuff guards
  • Removable foam kneepads
  • Horizontal-zip chest pocket
  • Upper reach-through kangaroo pocket


  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • It’s easy to wear and take off
  • It comes with extra storage pockets


  • It doesn’t have the zip front

Patagonia Swiftcurrent Waders

This mid-weight versatile waterproof wader is a durable product that can serve you in tough environments. Designed using 100% recycled polyester microfiber and DWR finish, this wader will keep you dry while being environmentally friendly.

The latest versions have improved booties and zipper handwarmer pockets. And thanks to their unique design, this pair of wader guarantees improved mobility and better fit.

This wader comes with an EZ-lock suspender that makes it easy for you to convert your wader from waist to chest height.

And to create extra storage space, Patagonia added some TPU waterproof pocket flips, an asymmetrical-zip chest pocket, and an upper reach-through kangaroo pocket. And for easy drying after use, they come with a center-back hanger loop. (source)

Made using 100% recycled polyester back and high-density taffeta front, this high-quality wader will serve you for a very long time. It also comes with a chest pocket that is made from nylon stretch mesh. Plus, it’s cheaper than the first two waders on our list.


  • Made using 100% recycled materials
  • Waist-mounted EZ-lock suspenders
  • Secured stretch wading belt
  • Scuff guards
  • Waterproof pocket flips


  • It’s made using recycled materials
  • Comfortable
  • You can easily convert it from chest to waist wader
  • Durable
  • Waterproof


  • Despite being cheaper than the other Patagonia waders, it is still quite costly.

Men’s Swiftcurrent Packable Waders

Weighing about 35.5 ounces and folding into a burrito-sized stuff sack, the Swiftcurrent packable wader is the lightest yet versatile wader in the market. This packable wader is a perfect companion for anglers who love fishing in different parts of the world.

And the fact that it’s lightweight doesn’t mean that it can’t protect you from all the harsh weather conditions. Just like the other waders, this product has a gusseted crotch for comfort and durability. (source)

It also features a single-seam construction that ensures that it will serve you for a very long time. This lightweight, high-performing packable wader has seamless bootie technology that makes it the ultimate option for traveling or backcountry waders.

And to make it easy to pack, Patagonia added an adjustable, minimalist suspender and lighter materials on the upper part.

And even though it has fewer layers than the other Patagonia waders, it is still made using 100% recycled polyester back and 70% recycled face.

Plus, the boot’s construction is rubber; therefore, they can keep your feet safe while fishing. Unfortunately, you can’t convert it from a chest to a waist wader. (source)


  • Synthetic rubber booties
  • TP-welded waterproof pocket
  • Heavy-duty scuff guards
  • Adjustable suspenders


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • It comes with an interior waterproof pocket
  • It has a Breathable and waterproof barrier


Some anglers have complained that it can’t be easily converted from chest to waist wader despite being affordable.

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Are Patagonia Waders Great?

If you need a comfortable wader with a bit more room, they are the best option for you. These waders are designed with comfort and fit in mind. And for additional comfort, they added the integrated knee pads, but it is a matter of preference for fishing apparel.

How Long Would a Patagonia Wader Last?

It depends on how often it’s used and how well you maintain them; after all, Patagonia is known for producing high-quality waders. But some anglers have stated that their high-end Patagonia waders served them for about ten years.

Are Patagonia Waders Made Using Gore-Tex?    

Recently, Patagonia reduced the thickness of their waders by .002 inches, making them slimmer and fitting. And to keep them waterproof, Patagonia uses H2No fabric instead of Gore-Tex. The 4-layer H2No material rivals Gore-Tex in terms of reliability and performance.

One More Cast

Patagonia has produced some of the best fishing waders in the market, and to keep up with the competition, they keep upgrading them after every few years. Their latest line of waders is lighter and features 100% recycled materials, thanks to the company being eco-friendly. But the fact that they used recycled materials doesn’t mean that they sacrificed quality and comfort. Patagonia Waders are still durable, lightweight, and the most comfortable waders in the market. 

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