Fly Fishing Gifts for Dad

11 Fly Fishing Gifts for Dad (stuff he’ll use and love)

It needs to be special….getting the gift that fits the Dad in the house is a tough task. Getting something fly fishing related is even harder. Lots of terms and jargon that means nothing to the non-fly flinger.

Finding fly fishing gifts can be pretty challenging, especially if you know nothing about fly fishing and have never tried it before. Even a conventional angler can have a tough time looking for the best fly fishing gift. After all, fly fishing varies from traditional fishing. So after thorough research, we compiled the following article on the best 11 gifts for the Father that fly fishes.

I recommend two types of gifts. Either get him gear he’ll use or something special. The short list:

  • Flies – a good general assortment is going to be used. I like the Ventures Fly Co Assortment
  • Fishing hemostats or scissors – Cutting line, taking out hooks. These are easily lost get – Dr Slick Scissor Clamps
  • Personalized fly box – Image him opening a fly box that has a message from his child. – River Traditions
  • Neck Gaiter – keep sun off, bugs away and every fly fisher can use another. – BUFF is the brand to get with lots of styles and colors.

We all know fly anglers and love them for their passion for fishing. Fly anglers spend a lot of cash on their fly fishing gear and training to perfect their skills.

River Traditions Personalized Fly Box for Fathers Day
River Traditions Personalized Fly Box for Fathers Day

So have you ever wondered what the best gift for fly fishers who already has the best equipment in the market is? In this article, we’ll show you some of the best fly fishing gifts that you can get from any angler.

11 Gifts for the Dad Tosses Flies 🐟

Unlike the other conventional anglers, fly fishers have their special gear for fly fishing. Therefore, if you have never tried fly fishing, you may not know the best gifts for fly anglers. Even some avid fly anglers don’t know what gift to get someone who already has the best fly fishing gear. So, the first thing you should do is think about the person you’re gifting.

Is he a fly fisherman, or does he know other fishing methods? Learning more about the fly angler in your life can help you get the right gift for him. Plus, you may discover an essential gear that he doesn’t have in his arsenal.

Budget matters, I’d recommend a guided fly fishing trip if money is no concern. Having a guide put the Dad in your life on fish is fantastic. Where I can I’ve provided an estimate of the cost or I’ll point to where you can get the current prices.

I offer an online class for folks that want to “introduce” fly fishing to a Father. Here’s a link – How 2 Fly Fish. So, you can either get them the latest fly fishing rod that can help them improve their techniques. Or you can get them a fly fishing course that can help them learn some new tricks. But surprising them with some new gear can be amazing. So here are the best nine gifts for fly fishers:

1)   Personalized Fly Box – Make it Special

Okay, I’m bias. I run the little online store that I’m recommending. link – River Traditions But if you live in the US ( I don’t ship internationally) I can make and mail a fly box to you within a couple days of ordering.

The bonus you pick the text to add.

Fly Box Personalized for Dad
Fly Box Personalized for Dad

Please if you do this – Make it personal – add something like “We Love You Dad from Ann and Timmy”.

A simple, easy solution that will be cherished. Prices are from $13 to $30 depending on what you get.

2) Gift Card – If I can’t point you to something

Okay if your not very imaginative. Default to the card…..If you’re in doubt and don’t know what to get a fly angler, a Gift card can be an excellent option. After all, most experienced fly anglers already have everything they need for fishing. Some fly anglers like my dad already have an exceptional collection of fly fishing gear. Therefore, to be on the safe side, I usually get him gift cards on his birthdays.

Remember, fly fishing is a costly hobby; therefore, having some extra cash in the form of a gift card with no expiry date can be significant.

My dad always uses the gift card to purchase some dry flies. And since he is the only one who knows what is missing in his gear, a gift card can be a great option. This gift card is available in different designs so that you can get an option with a fly fishing logo.

And the good thing about this gift card is that you can redeem it on amazon and their affiliate websites. Plus, the fact that it has no extra charges and never expires is a bonus. Unfortunately, it has no refunds and returns, but he can use it any day and on any fly fishing gear. (source)

Guide Tip: Amazon offers gift cards to nearly every store. Get the card delivered fast – Here’s a link Cabela’s Gift Card


  • You can redeem it on any of amazon’s affiliate websites, and you can get any fly fishing product within that price range.
  • It doesn’t expire
  • It carries no fees


  • This card has no refund

Verdict: a gift card is a practical gift that works flawlessly irrespective of the occasion. Many people love it because it leaves the receiver with options. After all, he can pick whatever gift he wants within the price range of the gift card.

3)   The History of Fly-Fishing in Fifty Flies Hardcover

Grandparent’s love teaching their grandkids everything they need to know about life when fishing. Most of them use this moment to teach them about the history of fishing and how the flies have evolved over the last few decades.

So, if you want your loved one to be spitting facts about flies when fishing with their pals, then you should get them this book. This book has everything you will ever need to know about flies.

This unique book by Ian Whitelaw can also make an excellent read for the days when the fly angler cannot fish. This book perfectly illustrates flies and some of the best techniques used with these dry flies. This exceptional book can also teach a new angler some new tricks that can help you improve your angling skills. (source)

Check the current prices and read all the great reviews with this link to Amazon – The History of Fly-Fishing in Fifty Flies


  • Affordable
  • Available both in kindle and as a hardcover
  • It’s a perfect companion for a dull fishing day
  • It has a detailed illustration of different flies and how anglers use them.


  • None

Verdict: Books are great gifts, so why don’t you get your loved one the history of fly-fishing in fifty flies? This book will have him teaching other people facts on different fly fishing flies. And as a parent, your kids can benefit from giving their granddad this gift. 

4)   Peak Rotary Fly Fishing Vise-Fly Tying

Fly fishing is a generational skill customarily passed down from one generation to the next. And one of the most crucial skills that I have learned from my dad and granddad is fly fish tying.

Peak Fishing Rotary Fly Tying Vise
Peak Fishing Rotary Fly Tying Vise

This skill has saved me a lot of cash over the years, so when my dad retired, I got him a peak rotary fly tying vise to upgrade his old vise. This unit has a 360-degrees rotation feature that allows him to tie a dry fly without removing the hook.

Guide Tip: If your father/husband has tied flies, but want to good a little farther a ROTARY vise is the next step. Simple question to ask. Hey Dad, is your tying vise a rotary? If no get the Peak Rotary (Amazon Link)

Another feature that I love about this vise that makes me borrow it whenever going fishing is its speed and convenience. My dad can tie his flies faster and save some cash with this vise. So if your angler friend loves tying their flies, they will love this gift. The C-clamp mount that comes with this tool is designed to outperform most of the vises in the market. (source)

I made a video testing the best fly tying vises under $200. The Peak came out as the leader, but I looked at others. Check out the YouTube video – Best Fly Tying Vise Under $200


  • What I consider the best value in this price range
  • Solid construction and made in USA
  • The hook clamp works great. Large lever and quality clamp head
  • Heavy base – I love this. No tipping
  • Its jaw can hold a wide range of hooks


  • Because it is heavy, I wouldn’t call it a travel vise.

Verdict: a vise can be the best fly fishing gift for anyone who loves tying flies or want to learn this skill. After all, any gift that can improve their tying skills and save them some cash will always stand out in the long run.

5)   Fishpond Nomad – Fly Fishing Landing Net

If you’re not sure of the gift to get a fly angler, then you should do what I do, get them something like a fishing net. A fly-fishing net takes a lot of abuse, dragged through the woods, slap on your back and then dipped into debris filled water to net a trophy. Get a good net! You’d hate to battle a fish and loose it in the last seconds.

Fishpond Nomad Mid Length Fly Fishing Net
Fishpond Nomad Mid Length Fly Fishing Net

Most fly anglers love the catch and release technique. And with trout being such a delicate fish, you need a soft rubber net that can’t injure them. The net should also be powerful enough to hold them as you remove the hook from its mouth.

One of the key things that I love about this fishing net is that it has a rubberized handle to help hold on when things get wet.

Guide Tip: get a longer handle net. Think about how long a fly rod is, you need to reach WAY out to land a fish. A longer handle – I like the Nomad Mid Length. (Amazon to check prices and reviews)

Add a net release to add it onto your vest or slip it into your wading belt. Plus, the net floats so you’ve got a chance to grab it if dropped.


  • Carbon fiber construction will last. (I use mine as a wading staff)
  • It can’t scare away the fish
  • Rubberized handle to improve grip
  • “ghost net” is friendly to trout and less visible
  • Rugged and built by folks that know fly fishing – Fishpond


  • It’s not the cheapest net on the market.

Verdict: Like all the gifts on this page, I’m trying to improve a day on the water for that special father in the household. A great net increases fish survival and makes snapping trophy pictures easy.

6)   Ventures Fly Assortment – either the 40 or 122 fly pack

Flies are one of those disposable things. I tie 20 dozen flies to stock my fly box for the season. PLUS, I buy flies. Bushes, logs and rocks seem to eat more flies than fish for me. It’s just how it is – you can never have enough flies in your arsenal.

Get a decent assortment, the guys at Ventures Fly Co have put together a collection that comes close to perfect. Dries, Nymph, Streamers and Terrestrials all in one box with a neat card detailing the flies and a hatch chart.

Ventures Fly Co 40 fly assortment - a perfect gift for dad
Ventures Fly Co 40 fly assortment – a perfect gift for dad

This kit is perfect for beginners and experienced anglers, and it’s one of the first gifts I wish someone had given me. This fly box had everything I needed as a beginner, from parachutes & dry flies to streamers and nymphs.

If your budget allows Ventures Fly sells a 122 Fly collection. This fly assortment will handle nearly every river and provides a couple extra flies to feed the trees.

Guide Tip: Get a fly assortment assembled by folks who know a little bit about fishing. The guys at Ventures Fly have gone this with the 40 Fly Assortment and the 122 Premium Hand Tied Flies Collection (short cut links to Amazon)

 And seeing him learn how to use his gift and perfect his fly fishing technique has been a memorable moment for me. If you want to learn a little more check out this video I did on YouTube – VENTURES FLY CO REVIEW

So, if you’re looking for an exceptional gift for a beginner, then you should consider the Barnsley fly box and its assorted kit.


  • A great usable collection, these flies should catch fish
  • Affordable price per fly
  • It comes with either 40 flies and a box or 122 flies in (2) Fly Boxes


  • The portions aren’t exact. But the trout probably can’t tell.

Verdict: This gift has everything any beginner will ever need to get started in the fly-fishing world and within your budget.

7)   Costa Del Mar Tuna Alley

Spending the entire day fishing without sunglasses can expose your eyes to the UV lights that may end up damaging your eyesight. Therefore, I always protect my eyes with Costa Del Mar sunglasses, which are the best sunglasses in the market.

I purchased my first pair of sunglasses in late 2019, right before the government imposed the Covid-19 restrictions. So, I didn’t get to use them a lot in 2020, and by the time the restrictions were lifted, I was yearning to try them out.

The first thing I love about these stylish glasses is their level of clarity and protection. In fact, I have spent days fly fishing with my kids in some of the local rivers in Montana without experiencing some problems afterward. Other than looking cool, these sunglasses can protect your eyes from direct sunlight. Plus, they are available in a wide range of colors, so you can get one that matches your loved one’s favorite color. (source)

Guide Tip: Good polarized sun glasses make a huge difference when looking into the water depths. The added plus is the glasses will protect your eyes from flying hooks and you’ll end the day with less eye strain. Highly recommended – Costa Del Mar Tuna Alley (current prices on Amazon)


  • Available in a wide range of colors – I like rose tint
  • Scratch-resistant and UV protection
  • It offers an exceptional clarity level


  • Good sunglasses aren’t cheap.

Verdict: Costa del Mar Tuna Alley is an exceptional gift that can protect your loved one from the effects of the UV lights. And the fact that it’s stylish and with the highest clarity level is a bonus.

8)   Orvis Men’s PRO Wading Jacket

As aforementioned, I have been a fly angler for the better part of my life; in fact, I learned this skill from my granddad. But one thing I always noticed as a kid is that both my dad owned a single wading jacket, which he always wore during our fishing trips.

So every time before we left the house, my mum would always laugh and say that we needed more than one wading jacket.

But as men, we were okay with having only one high-quality jacket and only purchased a new one when our current jacket got torn.

So last year, I gifted my dad the Orvis Men’s Pro Jacket, which he loves. But instead of using it as a second jacket, he threw away his older jacket and started wearing the Orvis jacket to all his fishing trips.

And when I asked him why he loves this jacket, he claimed that it’s comfortable and can be worn even when it’s sunny. After all, its construction is a breathable and waterproof material.

The Orvis Men’s PRO Wading Jacket has some water-resistant side zips that allow him to access his wader and serve as ventilators. So, if you’re looking for an exceptional fly fishing gift for men in your life, then you should try this wading jacket. (source)


  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • It comes with zippered hand-warmer pockets


  • It’s quite costly

Verdict: Orvis Men’s PRO Wading Jacket (check price with link to Amazon) is an exceptional gift that you can give to the fly anglers in your life. This breathable jacket is stylish and can perfectly replace his torn old wader jacket.

9)   Marchway Floating Waterproof Dry Bag

If the fly angler you plan on gifting is an adventurous man who loves nature, they would appreciate this waterproof dry bag. The Marchway dry bag is an exceptional gift that can help him keep all his valuables safe when fishing.

You can drop this 100% waterproof bag in the river, and no water would get in. This bag is perfect for fishing, hiking, camping, swimming, kayaking, boating, and rafting. 

This bag is impenetrable, and it will keep your priced belongings dry while looking great as outdoor gear. Plus, it’s available in a wide range of sizes and colors so that you can pick the right option for the fly angler in your life. (source)


  • It can float after being buckled and rolled; therefore, you can easily track your gear when fishing.
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to operate
  • Available in a wide range of colors and sizes
  • Stylish
  • Affordable


  • None

Verdict: The Marchway Dry Bag (Amazon link for great reviews) can be an excellent gift for fly anglers and other adventurous in your life.

10) BUFF Neck Gaiter- multi-use for the fly fisherman

This gift idea is simple, value packed and WILL get used. Those neck gaiters are perfect, image a hot day and you just want to cool off. Dip your gaiter in the water – instant relief. Switch it up, you’re on the water and a cold wind kicks up. Just slide your gaiter up over your ears – comfy warmth.

Guide Recommended – Simple get a couple BUFF brand gaiters. Sky color and forest color. Short cut link to Amazon -> BUFF Adult Lightweight Merino

BUFF is the leader in neck gaiters. Tons of styles and colors to choose from. When selecting remember an angler wants to blend in. If the Dad in your house fishing on rivers with banks lined with trees. Go with a light green, gray or brown. If in the sunshine with blue skies light blues and grays. BUFF offers “camo colors as well.

BUFF Neck Gaiter
BUFF Neck Gaiter

I could list the Pros and Cons, but a neck gaiter from BUFF doesn’t have any negatives. Protection from sun, cools you off when wetted, can keep you warm in the cold. The BEST it keeps mosquitos from biting your neck.

Guide Tip: Bugs and Fly Fishing go hand in hand. Mosquitos are just apart of fly fishing, the BEST defense is DEET. The higher concentration the better. The problem is DEET is so strong it will melt plastic. Spray it on your neck gaiter instead of your skin.

11)   Featherstone Backpacking Tent

It may seem strange, but a tent is an essential gift for the fly angler in your life. With a reliable tent-like Featherstone backpacking tent, he can finally getaway for the weekends and go camping near the river or lake that he loves so much. With the right tent, the weekend fishing trips can be complete. He can comfortably visit any of them, pitch the tent, and prepare to fish at dawn or dusk, which is the best time for fishing.

The Featherstone backpacking tent is waterproof and made using tear-resistant fabric; therefore, it can keep you dry during rainy nights.

Plus, it is spacious enough for two people. Its seam-taped construction creates an impenetrable barrier against the rain while preventing leakages.

Guide Tip: Looking for what others say about the Featherstone Tent? Here’s a short cut link to Amazon – HERE

Therefore, just because it starts raining doesn’t mean you have to pack and go home. With this tent, you can visit some of the best fly fishing destinations and camp by the river banks, and have fun with your kids while fly fishing.


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • It’s spacious enough for two people
  • Easy to pack and set up


  • It’s quite costly

Verdict: Featherstone backpacking tent can be an exceptional gift for adventurous fly anglers who love camping near the lake or river where they plan on fishing.


What Is the Best Fly Fishing Gift?

Well, most anglers already have some of the best fishing gear in the market. So you need to find out if they are experienced anglers and which other techniques they want to learn. With this knowledge, you can pick a gift to help them improve their skills.

Are Camping Tents a Good Gift for a Fly Fisherman?

Yes, if your loved one is adventurous and loves nature, then they will love the idea of camping next to the lake and waking up at dawn to fish. A tent can help them get away from an entire weekend and focus on their hobby.

What Do Fly Anglers Like as Gifts?

Generally, the answer to this question varies, with some asking for a new gear while others claim that it’s the thought that counts. But if you were to ask them before gifting them, you would find out what they really need.

One More Cast

Nothing is more fulfilling than finding out that your loved ones remembered you on your special day or occasion.

But picking the right gift for someone who has invested a lot in fly fishing can be pretty challenging. But with the above list, you will; your loved ones will be pleased and never forget you. 

If you didn’t find a gift in this list – check out my article 34 Gifts Every Fly Fisher will use that are under $20

Hi David Humphries Owner of Guide Recommended. I love everything to do with fly fishing. Casting, Tying, YouTube, writing about it and even teaching. I’ve got a FREE video workshop teaching how to dry fly fish at this link How to Fly Fish


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