Guide Spotlight – Randy Monchilov

For the inaugural Guide Spotlight, I’m super proud to introduce Randy Monchilov with True North Trout. Randy can best be described as a gentleman of the river. From the moment, you set foot into his boat you understand he truly enjoys watching clients catch fish and presenting the beauty of the river. From the simplest things like re-tying a knot to rowing upstream for a couple hundred yards Randy is willing to do it.

Guiding since 2001, Randy has called the Au Sable, Manistee and Jordan Rivers home. Freely providing advice from a lifetime of chasing our finned friends, Randy is capable of “switching things up” with confidence.

The perfect example is when he recommended, I switch over to a skunk and stripping it through the sunken logs and obstructions. This little tip, netted the biggest trout of the day.

During our conversation, Randy recalled a favorite memory that turned him onto fly fishing almost 30 years ago.

My first fly fishing trip was with a $30 outfit. A buddy and I donned our leaky waders and fished a beautiful day on the Au Sable. It was amazing the trout were biting and I caught fish after fish. I still remember distinctly it was at Dogtown on the Au Sable river.?

When I asked what his favorite piece fly fishing equipment is, without hesitation he said his Adipose Skiff. Randy described it as the perfect office, safe and comfortable. Having sat in many drift boats, I completely agree. Adipose builds a super stable, well thought out boat.

Favorite method of fly fishing DRY. For a guide seeing a trout rise changes everything to a visual game. Michigan is blessed with prolific hatches that kick-off spring. Favorite flies include: drakes, skunks, adams and wooly buggers.

I know Randy and I will spend time together again chasing spring risers on some of my favorite Michigan waters.

If you would like to fish with Randy he can be reached at (989) 619-9487 or through his CONTACT info at True North Trout

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