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What is the Best Fly Rod for a Child That Really Works?

If you are a fly fishing aficionado, you likely share the dream that many of us have at one point or another to take your son or daughter on his or her first fly fishing excursion. To make the dream a reality, you’ll have to find a good child’s fly rod.

However, you may be asking yourself, what is the best child fly rod that really works?

Young anglers often have trouble with the length, handle size and weight of traditional fly rods.? Through some personal research I’ve found Echo Gecko Fly Rod Fly Rod Kit (Link to Amazon to check prices and reviews) to be a the best child fly rod.

Because their motor skills are as of yet incompletely developed, and because they don’t have the diligence necessary to care for expensive rods appropriately, it can be daunting to find an appropriate fly rod for a child. inexpensive option that still gets the job done. When your son or daughter is first learning how to fly fish, you need a child fly rod that is effective, yet also convenient. You don’t want to equip your child with a toy rod or one that will fail to land a monster trout so what’s an angler parent to do?

Without the proper equipment, you and your kids will be left empty handed at the end of the day and it certainly won’t make for an enjoyable experience. Consider purchasing the Echo Gecko 4-Piece Outfit to ensure you reel in as many fish and as much fun as possible.

Selecting a Childs Fly Rod – What to Look For

When you’re trying to select a child fly rod, the first thing to consider is the age of your son or daughter. In general, most child fly rods are designed for kids aged six to nine.

Next, think about your child’s attention span. Depending on your child’s age, interest in the sport, attention span, and personality, you may need to invest in a rod that has vivid colors or a sparkly design to help grab their focus. Many kids will just be proud to own their own fly rods and won’t care what it looks like, and they especially won’t care how luxurious it is.

Don’t bust your budget on an expensive, overly delicate fly rod that will likely be broken the first time your child gets it out on the water. You don’t want to worry about your kid’s handling and transporting of the equipment when you’re headed out on the water your primary concerns should be your child’s safety and enjoyment of the overall experience.

Many fly rods designed for children are made of flimsy plastic that cracks as soon as it glides against a rock. I only looked at rods that are made of sturdier materials and that had demonstrated success in holding up to the most “uncoordinated” kids while out on the water. You also want to find a fly rod that is relatively lightweight, shorter than nine feet, and comes equipped with a long fighting butt that enables your child to cast two-handed and have the most fun possible with their fishing adventures.

There are hundreds of awesome child fly rods on the market. However, after considering all of these factors and doing some research and experimentation of my own, I recommend the Echo Gecko 4-Piece Outfit. This fly rod works wonders for kids of all ages, but is an especially smart pick for kids ages six to nine.

best kids fly rod


If you’re looking for a good starter kit for your son or daughter, look no further. The Echo Gecko (Amazon link) is complete with a rod, reel, leader, line, and a rod/reel tube. It also comes with a premium quality Airflo tapered leader, meaning all you need to do to get out on the water is tie on a fly. The fly reel is matched to the rod and comes equipped with the very best Echo floating weight forward fly line and 20 lb Dacron fly line backing.

The rod has a medium-fast action and moderate power, giving your child a good sweet spot to work with when practicing his casts. You don’t have to worry about your little one losing a monster fish because of a too-delicate rod or overly selective fish.

Child Safety

This rod makes it easy for kids to practice their roll casts, allowing them to interact comfortably with the water and their surroundings. Because your child won’t have to focus as much on the logistics of casting and reeling in fish, his attention will be freed up to pay attention to choppy waters or slippery steps.


At just under $170, this kit is a great value for a first-time fly fisherman or woman. This low price gets you everything you need for your childs first excursion, and costs less than many inexpensive adult rods. Many online retailers even offer free shipping to help lower the cost even further.

The rod also has a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty to help set your mind at ease in case something does happen to it because we all know how unpredictable a fishing trip with a little one can be!


This mid-weight rod, with a 4/5 rod weight, allows kids to feel all the action without necessarily having to react to every bump or jiggle. It has fast-tighten reel seats that are easy to use and adjust as needed.

The rod is built with a short, two-inch fighting butt that allows young anglers to cast with both hands while they’re still getting the hang of it. It also has a specially designed handle that is multicolored, allowing kids to have fun while they are practicing their casts.

If you’re planning on using the rod for several different fish species, this is also a good choice. It can handle anything from trout and bass to small panfish, with the ability to handle a standard WF4 line or short belly WF5.

Kid-Friendly Design

kids fly fishing rod
kids fly fishing rod

With an extra small handle, this rod is designed for tiny hands. It clocks in at only 7 ft, 9 inches, making it easier for short arms to handle. The reel is equipped with a drag system that is easy to use, and as a lightweight rig, your son or daughter will have no problem handling it.

Even better, the fly rod is appealing to young children, as it is designed with whimsical, bright colors and is constructed with a sturdy design. Your kids won’t be worried about breaking a rod that is too long or too stiff.


When you’re juggling fly boxes, reels, rods, and more (let’s not forget the endless snacks, sunscreen, insect repellent and all the other accoutrements required for fishing with a young child!), the last thing you want to worry about is having to carry your kid’s equipment, too.

That’s where this outfit is super handy. Not only does this rod come equipped with a case, reel, and other accessories, it is designed in a four-piece set so that it’s easy to break down and carry with you. The rod and reel case has individual rod section sleeves and a padded reel pouch so no worries if it gets dropped or knocked off a rock by clumsy fingers while it’s being transported. It is also equipped with sports alignment dots so that you can easily teach your son or daughter how to assemble their own rods.

With a little bit of teaching on how to break down, transport, and properly store the equipment, your son or daughter can assume the responsibility of caring for his or her own belongings a win-win for both of you.


This rod eliminates the worry of handedness, as it can be used by left-handed and right-handed children alike. Because many youngsters are still learning which hand they prefer to use for various tasks, it can be a risky endeavor to purchase a right-handed rod for your child that writes right-handed only to find out he prefers to cast with his left hand. This rod takes away that concern and allows anglers to switch from right to left hand retrieve on the reel.


Unlike many child rods, which are covered in cartoonish, garish designs and are made of flimsy plastic, this fly rod is proportioned and solid. You want your child’s fly rod to last just as long as yours does, even when it’s taken a beating. This rod has hard chrome snake guides and comes with a rod sock and rigid rod tube to help keep all of the pieces safe and intact.

If you’re looking for credibility to back your purchasing decision, the proof is in the pudding. I perused several third-party retailers who sell this kit, and the feedback from recent customers was outstanding. This rod is a great choice to get your kid hooked on the sport of fly fishing without requiring you to shell out tons of cash.

Adults rave about this rod, claiming it “practically casts itself” and with many expressing jealousy that it was their kid’s rod and not theirs! That being said, if you buy this kit for your son or daughter, we won’t tell anyone if you decide to use it a few times on your own just don’t let your kid find out!

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