Hacks Using Fly Fishing Hemostats

Best Fly Fishing Hemostats and Hacks

Do you want your life to be easier on the river? Do you want to catch more fish?

Keeping your fly line wet means your fishing. You won’t catch fish fiddling with knots, cleaning hook eyes and? chewing on split shot. Plus I’ll show you some hacks that will get you out of a pinch….PUN.

If I could recommend one Hemostat, I would get the  Dr Slick Scissor Clamp (Link to Amazon so you can see how cheap they are), they are the best I’ve found. They combine all the features you want, are affordable and come in a variety of sizes. My favorites are the black something else I’ve found is the scissor rings seem to be a little larger which makes them easier to use.

I’m going babble on with some pictures and things. Please scroll down to the bottom and check out the video. It details 6 hacks for fly fishing hemostats.

Best Hemostats Dr Slick Scissor Clamps
Best Hemostats Dr Slick Scissor Clamps

Tie a Clinch Knot Fast

So what can you do with a right scissor clamps. Tie a clinch knot super fast. Let me set the seen, the fish are biting, your fingers are cold and you just broke off. You know that you don’t catch anything without having a fly in the water, so use your hemostats to tie a clinch knot fast.

Learn How to Tie on a Dropper

With hemostats your can tie on droppers with ease. The same clinch knot can be used to add a dropper onto the bend of the hook.

clinch knot with hemostats
clinch knot with hemostats

It is so important to have all the right equipment on the river. The Dr Slick Scissor Clamps have;

  1. Flat pliers for bending barbs and holding onto flies.
  2. Scissors with serrated cutters.
  3. A hook eye cleaner that can also be used to make weights.
  4. A clamp to grab onto items and hold them.

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You get all of this in one perfect little package. Fast, easy and inexpensive check out more at Amazon Here ->Dr Slick Scissor Clamps

Watch the video I made demostrating 6 Hacks Using Fly Fishing Hemostats

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