Fly Line Leader Tippet

Today’s modern fly lines are light years ahead of what you could purchase just 10 years ago. So most branded fly lines will be pretty good. I’ve stuck with Scientific Anglers for a couple reasons.

If your looking for Value in a Fly Line – Go with SA Air Cel

  • Durability – My first fly line was an SA product it lasted for close to 14 years. I did clean and treat it occasionally, and yes it was worn thin in the 25 foot range from years of pulling it against the frame of my reel.
  • It has many of the features Fly Fishers have come to expect. Welded forward loop, an aggressive weight forward taper, a braided core and a smooth surface that is easy to clean.
  • Value – Scientific Anglers sells Air Cel which is a fantastic general purpose weight forward floating line that is a real steal. I usually get it off Amazon for $15 to $30 bucks depending on the weight.? Check for yourself with this Amazon Link -> Scientific Anglers Air Cel Floating Lines

So if your just starting out, Go With Scientific Anglers Air Cel.

Scientific Anglers Air Cel Taper
Scientific Anglers Air Cel Taper

If your really looking for the best fly line – Hands Down Select the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Trout

The Amplitude Trout Fly Line pulled 20 more feet out of my cast. The surface of the line has three textures; a floating texture at the tip, a shooting texture for running through the guides and a “tactile reference point” so you can actually feel the optimim holding piont for shooting a double haul. ?Each of? these texture changes also corresponds with a color change. My line changes from gray at the tip, to a brownish yellow, to a blue. The combination of the texture and surface treatment (which should be called “greased lighten”) makes this line fly though the guides and floats like a cork.? I’ve had the line on for one season or about 25 trips. It’s said to last 8 times longer than other fly lines on the market. I’ve been using it on my 8 1/2 foot, 4 weight rod that is my trusted friend of many years.

Scientific Anglers AMPLITUDE Trout - fly line
Scientific Anglers AMPLITUDE Trout

I’m going to fish this line more and update this page with more details – If you have the money and you want the BEST FLY LINE, go with the SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS AMPLITUDE TROUT FLY LINE – Link to AMAZON to check out the reveiws and pricing.

Recommended Tapered Leaders – Go with Scientific Anglers – Freshwater

For nylon leaders go with Scientific Anglers Freshwater. They sell it in 4 lengths and usually you can get either a 2 pack or a 4 pack.? I wouldn’t skimp on your leader get the 4 pack in the popular sizes (9 foot 3X, 4X and 5X). For the longer and shorter lengths I buy the 2 pack. Accept for the tippet this is the last thing between you and the fish. You can find my recommendation at Amazon here’s a LINK – Scientific Anglers Nylon Fly Fishing leader, 4 PK

I carry sizes 1x through 6x in a variety of lengths. Yup – I’ll typically have +25 leaders in my bag.

Scientific Anglers Freshwater Tapered Leader
Scientific Anglers Freshwater Tapered Leader

For Tippet – you could probably guess I stick with Scientific Anglers

For sinking get Flourocarbon – Check it out on AMAZON – ugh its expensive –Scientific Anglers Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet with Interlocking Spool with Cutter

SA tippet
SA tippet

For floating getScientific Anglers Nylon Interlocking Tippet Spool with Cutter again an amazon link for reviews and pricing (not to bad price wise)


fly fishing backing
fly fishing backing

It seems like an after thought when buying fly line and leaders.? Backing is important, it’s like having an insurance plan for those time when you hook into a monster when your not ready. Believe me, I once hooked into a 7 pound carp while fishing for bluegills on a 3 weight rod. That fish was a thrill and took me way into my backing.

My recommendation is MAXCATCH FLY LINE BACKING (Amazon link for prices and reviews).? It has proven to be strong, and durable, plus it comes in some cool colors.