Fly Fishing Rod

Fly rods are a lot like golf clubs in that just one doesn’t fit every situation. So when this review is completed you’ll get to here all about the different rods I personally use.

Until the review is completed I’ll give you what peek into what is coming.

DRIFT FLY ROD from Temple Fork Outfitters

drift fly rod
drift fly rod

For the a super versatile light rod HANDS DOWN I recommend the TFO DRIFT (Link to Amazon to check reviews and prices) This rod has landed +20inch Brown Trout, Mountain Brook Trout and for EUROPEAN STYLE Nymphing this rod has no equal. Actually this rod is like having four fly rods in one package.

I’ve interviewed the designer of this rod Jason Randall. He provided the exact setup that he recommends to get the most from this fly rod.

For a Do EVERYTHING Fly Rod – BVK 5 Weight, 9 Foot, 4 Piece

BVK Fly Rod
BVK Fly Rod

For the next size up – the 5 to 6 weight I RECOMMEND the TFO BVK (link to check out the price and reviews at Amazon) I personally like the 9 foot, 4 piece. But the 8 foot 6 inch would also make an excellent selection. The first thing that comes to mind when a I think about the BVKs is VALUE. For a fly rod in the ~$250 range you get something that is comparable to fly rods that cost twice as much.

Great Lakes Steel Head – Winston Boron III X – 7 Weight, 10 foot, 4 Piece

The extra length and exceptional casting make the B3 my go to Steelhead fly rod. Not cheap – but as they say you get what you pay for. Read more about this rod (I have one and LOVE it) at the WINSTON website.