So you missed the first fly box give away with Randy Monchilov. How about we do another fly box give away! So, I know this guy, I guess you could say I know him pretty well. This guy has a lot of fly boxes. I mean a LOT of fly boxes. I’ve never counted how many I have on average, but I’d have to guess over 5000.

With so many fly boxes, I end up with some with minor defects. A scratch, a dent, the finish isn’t quite right… Those little things that mean I can’t sell it, but perfect for a FREE fly box give away.

Here’s the rules:

  1. Enter Email Below. This has two benefits; the first is you could win, then next is you’ll get a monthly email highlighting some Guide Recommended fly fishing tips!
  2. Please US residents only. I love the folks outside the US, but postage gets a little crazy mailing around the world.
  3. On 10/31/2017 at noon, I’ll randomly draw a name from the emails and send a note to the winner. If no response by 11/2/2017 at noon I’ll draw another email.

You can only enter once.

Thanks and Good Luck!